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Posts by Blunt Wrap Supreme

  1. lol, is this why tech and stl are gone?
    cant cope?
  2. Runtz
  3. Huevos?
  4. Originally posted by Blunt Wrap Supreme having a blast :^)

  5. having a blast :^)
  6. Originally posted by Incessant IM BORN A FEMALE, PAY ME!
  7. Dimensional-Merge when?
  8. Originally posted by Ghost When was the last time anyone made a thread about anything that wasn't some facebook tier bullshit, bunch of fucktards that do nothing but bitch and cry and act like fags

    cant really, fucktards fuck it up
    they talk like fags and their shits retarded
  9. Oh, those elfbars lasted WAY longer than those escobars.
    Think the eskobars tasted better though.
  10. Originally posted by Obbe I've read about dynavap, they seem pretty decent and convenient for what is basically on-demand extraction, but I've also read it can be easy to combust with them too since you're still using a torch.

    They also are a bit crack-pipeish, but maybe that would appeal to some.

    This Purple Days is kinda old tech of that, its neat to have that engineered dynavap now.
    This thing works fine, just dont really know what temp it running on, no way to change it.
    There is a handling learning curve, like most things though.
    Fren is not sure if other solutions would just be quicker too, not just sit there pulling bong rips lol.
    Prob just the flower fren isnt too happy about lol.
  11. Originally posted by Obbe What's that? Looks kinda like a couch log

    Purple Days
    They are no longer around though, log vape, same idea yeah
    Thing still going after 12 years-ish
  12. Originally posted by Ghost I wish I bought one when I was flush :/

    oh I got HTS a vape pen i been doing mainly carts not dry herb vape but honestly im getting sick of the bong I might switch to like an MFLB or somehing

    That is some pretty old tech, if you want something handheld why not the dynavap? can use concentrates on it too..
  13. Originally posted by Obbe Anyone else using a vaporizer these days?

    Yeah, fren got one of these, been eyeing one of those coil w/e you gots.
    This v much a penny pincher ✡ though, cant set the temp though :/
    Frens local shop stocks THCa now, fren thinking of upgrading.

  14. Hold on, ill try to contact him, got 2 bottles of jenkem on standby
  15. garbage
  16. Played the OG games long ago, minus clear sky, was told to skip.
    Anomaly is its own standalone gayme so its its own free gayme.

    Got a handfull of mods, mainly audio and graphic changes.
    A few overhaul with some traders, ballistics, loot, b/c fuck that shit.
    Also, im spawning repair kits, b/c if i got the part, i got the part, so fuck that shit.
    In all, making the game way less grindy.

    So this is maybe the 4th time playing Anomally.
    Had the grind away like a sweaty just for a some resemblance of function gear before.
    Kinda getting to know the game, alot more now.

    Playing as a Monolith, think iv always played as Sin before?
    Noticed one of the achievements mentioned unlocking Sin or something?

    Dono, got a few factions suits, working on collecting some parts to repair them.
    Gonna use them as disguises for the more assassination missions.
    As a Monolyth there is not much of a story line, they do send you into the labs as some point SP00PY SHIT.

    Think saw yall mention this game before.
  17. Originally posted by RIPtotse Bro lol why not just be like eh do u have [insert ghey social media here] or is there anyway i could get ur phone number? Oh cool, i was just seeing if you maybe wanted to grab coffee or lunch sometime, and if she has a bf or whatever shell prolly tell u at this point

    *immediately send nudes*
  18. Originally posted by Donald Trump I only get some whenever GG decides to ration me out some.

    I pay for her keep and board, and she gets €200 a week to "look for job" (she has no intention of working) and she gets another €200 a week we give her cos we're soft.

    And she decides to give me sex whenever she is happy with me. So far we've been under the same roof 1 month 2 days, and we've had sex 4 times. All with condom, no oral, no anal.

    By my rough maths each time I have had "sex" with GG (I don't think condom sex is real sex) cost about €2k.

    It's humiliating. Why not just get a hooker?

    That pretty bonkers, why not just leave?

    Some wamin are just silly had one gal asking monies so she wont go on onlyfans, lol wtf no, srs lol wtf, wut
  19. Originally posted by blaster master Culver's, McDonald's, and Taco Bell are probably the big three with a lot of chick filla and popeyes as well.

    Sounds like a good move to me.

    Who knows about all the processing and phalates they add/do?
  20. Yeah, borgors, tendies, n fries are getting pricey.
    Regarding the steaks, it might really depend on the individual.

    I remember telling some coworkers I had steaks 3 days in a row, they blabled about cholesterol.
    Got bloodwork done 2 weeks later, doc asked if I was vegetarian lol.
    Always had p good lipids w/e tests, doc been pushing exercises stating something like 'not many people get to have this, dont lose it'.

    When we talking fast food, what we talkin?
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