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Posts by Blunt Wrap Supreme

  1. Originally posted by ner vegas true, if they're recycled a large portion of waste doesn't immediately end up in landfill, but you've also got to consider the amount of waste and pollution created during the recycling process

    yeah, was thinking this, quite the quandry, but i digress

    Around four out of five Americans are being exposed to chlormequat chloride, a “highly toxic agricultural chemical” linked to fertility problems and birth issues in animals, according to an Environmental Working Group study published in the Journal of Exposure Science & Environmental Epidemiology on Thursday, with the EWG saying the issues in animals suggests "the potential for similar harm to humans.”

    Chlormequat exposure in rats also resulted in reduced sperm motility, decreased male testosterone levels, delayed onset of puberty and decreased weights of male reproductive organs, according to the study.

    The study of Americans examined urine samples between 2017 and 2023, and found the number of participants with concentrations of chlormequat in their urine increased by more than 20% during that time frame from 69% in 2017 to 90% in 2023, suggesting consumer exposure is on the rise.

    Enjoying your HEALTHY GOYOATS?
  2. Heard about recycling being a scam, still been doing it, went along the lines of at least it is not in a landfill.
    But dont know, its all fucked

    One in 10 premature births in the United States have been linked to pregnant women being exposed to chemicals in extremely common plastic products, a large study said on Wednesday.

    The chemicals, called phthalates, are used to soften plastic and can be found in thousands of consumer items including plastic containers and wrapping, beauty care products and toys.

    Phthalates have been known for decades to be "hormone disruptors" which affect a person's endocrine system and have been previously linked to obesity, heart disease, some cancers and fertility problems.

    Because they affect hormones, these chemicals "can precipitate early labour and early birth", lead study author Leonardo Trasande of New York University's Langone Health centre told AFP.
  3. why is linux too scipy?
  4. that smeelz, never added hardware like that on the fly

    heard, linux can be tricky to some for some reason
    but there are use cases for Windows, just smeelz bad
    linux help turn it down

    one solution
    go with windows w/e enterpize edition
    make a virtualbox of linux, set to full screen
    ya, pretty remember that happenin
    can take snapys of your vm before doin anythin scry
  5. The start wasnt great, might be worth just reading the transcripts instead.
    Wonder if any are adding shit in? welp here are two:
  6. it was alright
  7. Putin names the Jedi
  8. Oh yeah?
    im 50 mins in, will have to hear this lol
  9. Fuff Raid
  10. Originally posted by Warcry

    stop fucking posting, getting spammed by all your shit
  11. Originally posted by Donald Trump

    Tomorrow the exact people who are jumping up and down in orgiastic excitement about exterminating "terrorists" (native people defending their homes) will be cheerleading Europeans being marginalised and replaced.

  12. Did Paul Wozny catch cigreting?
  13. There was a lot you can get away with on youtube, like 'medical' shit.
    Throw in a bit of 'professional' slideshows, and fona can teach the unwashed masses.
  14. Huevos?
  15. Originally posted by Fox Why did you make that thread pretending you don’t know who Wariat is lol? You make a new account every couple months but after a few posts it’s obvious who you are. What’s the point?

    How would you know this?
    Got information from Fort Hood?
  16. fuys, imagine taking the jab
  18. Originally posted by Meikai wait you're not scron

    wait... wha?
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