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    Warcry Space Nigga
    i jsut got ina. fucking telegram shouting match and shit tlaking contest again with that 15 yr old or maybe 16 now i posted the pic with the trshy young guy at ther pub me and star trek hung out at. she alsow as there again alst night laevaing with yet another guy a diff young guy.
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    Crispy Tuskegee Airman
    Will you be my friend? We can share secrets
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    Warcry Space Nigga
    no i will not be ur friend bradley.
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    Crispy Tuskegee Airman
    I can show you proof im not bradley. Im crisolis, dm me or dm me on telegram @CrisolisC
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    Bradley Florida Man
    I am Bradley, message me on Telegram at @BradleyB93 and I can prove it... for a price.
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    Instigator Space Nigga [the staring tame crusher]
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    Bradley Florida Man
    Originally posted by Instigator

    lol can't be real bro
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