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New style for today.

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    Bradley Florida Man
    So, I was stuck yesterday outside for 90 minutes during the noonday sun with only a water bottle. Even my headphones gave up on me. So today I decided to bust out the shorts.

    Also I got new shoes. Instead of wearing the Walmart 100s that I got months ago when my others fell apart entirely my boy gave me two pairs of lightly used Cortez 72s. I asked my black friend who is really into shoes about them and he wanted pictures cuz he has a male foot fetish I Think and he said damn bro u got those from your boy for free?

    I said yeah. He said those are 100$ pairs of shoes and told me the name and sure as shit they are. My boy got me one size 13 and one size 14 and both fit well.

    So now I got lowtop Nikes that match my blue shirt (I have a lot of blue or navy colored dress shirts) and I"m wearing these khaki shorts during this Florida heatwave today.

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    the man who put it in my hood Black Hole [miraculously counterclaim my golf]
    wild style
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    Bradley Florida Man
    I trust the local news more than I trust any one else when it comes to Miami weather, they don't use numbers and you can tell they're just making shit up but they're typically right.

    They said it's gonna be hot, not crazy hot but we're gonna get some rain and it's gonna be humid hot. I am talking like it's gonna be only 90-95 degrees but it's gonna feel like 105-110 and thick with humidity.

    Heat Advisory.

    So yeah shorts today.
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    the man who put it in my hood Black Hole [miraculously counterclaim my golf]
    I'm shaking my heat stick in the direction of the united states

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    Bradley Florida Man
    lol I got da magic stick
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    Crispy Tuskegee Airman
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