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EU Parliament salaries

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    24-year-old YouTube blogger Phidias Panayiotou, who was elected as an independent MEP from Cyprus, has revealed how much money MEPs receive each month. He filmed a video in the meeting room of the EU legislature and posted it on TikTok.

    Panayutu said that as an MEP he receives 8,000 euros a month "in his pocket". In addition to his salary for each day he comes to the parliament and signs in a special register, he receives another 350 euros.

    An additional 30,000 per month is paid to the MEP for the salaries of his team, another 5,000 per month – for an office in his country. He receives 4,000 euros for a PR campaign for his activities in the European Parliament.

    Another €10,000 a month is paid to invite people to the European Parliament and explain to them what MEPs do.

    "I also have a driver here in Brussels, business class tickets to go back to my country," Panagioti said.

    He asked his followers: "Do you think we are underpaid or overpaid?"

    Commenters replied: "It's called corruption", "You are grossly overpaid", "So you get €60,000 a month to make the world hell? Nice", "This is a lot and unfair compared to the people who work hard", "What a shame, this is just ridiculous", "You know, politicians should be paid high salaries so they don't take bribes", "Enough is not to be bribed', 'Too much considering they are just sitting around'. Another follower of Panagioti wrote that he lives on 600 euros a month in the south of Italy.

    Since the EU is a extra-national organisation salaries are all tax free. Expenses aren't subject to tax.
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    the man who put it in my hood Black Hole [miraculously counterclaim my golf]
    damn they spend just that much on flights alone here
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