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Why I am no longer allowed to talk in my computer class

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    Bradley Florida Man
    So we are learning about AI and now the subject relates to what you can ask these bots.

    He said something about chicken fried, I said can you make them fuck, so he showed two pieces of KFC fucking in a bucket.

    He displayed how we could make any historical person give advice with all these famous literature or acting persons

    Can I talk to Hitler?

    He said we can make two images into anything we want,

    I said "Can you make the first girl I ever fucked and I fucking at age 30? I have pics."

    He said sir, you need to not speak for the rest of the class. So I am making this post.

    Also he said Who uses ChatGPT? and 1 person said he uses it "For what?" Research

    I (at the beginning) of the class said "yeah I use that shit for a class I don't care about, I load it up, it got the references, I read it once, and then I write a similar paper and where it uses references, I use the same references fo the same material I am presenting in my writing."

    Folks I was asking not to speak.
    (96.74% currently.)
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    Bradley Florida Man
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    Sounds like a worthless class with a worthless teacher.
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    Bradley Florida Man
    I'm a kkiller but I got shot

    I'm a dog stabber but I got got

    You're momma want me over but I not not

    Consider me your Step Brad on a cot.
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    Bradley Florida Man
    Bro he said "i'm gonna look up for a 14 year old chinese girl."

    I said "That illegal aint it?"

    he said "no i was just kidding, 18."
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    Bradley Florida Man
    bro i'm like the worst student ever but if I get above a 89% I just stop trying
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    Originally posted by Bradley bro i'm like the worst student ever but if I get above a 89% I just stop trying

    It's not you, it's the worthless teacher who can't control or hold the respect of his students.
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    Bradley Florida Man
    Originally posted by Jiggaboo_Johnson Sounds like a worthless class with a worthless teacher.

    He teaches you simulations on a basic college level, I however know that for Excel and Word, Don't know it for powerpoitn or AI
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    Bradley Florida Man
    I once changed my Zoom profile picure fo myself in pink undies like with me visible in the picture and when the administrator/teacher told me i need to change my profile picture in chat, i asked why, she said becauase my pfp is inapprorpriate I said OK, how did you guys know? she said you're a contact of this group. I said OK. Changed it, Idgaf bro. I DO THIS.
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    the man who put it in my hood Black Hole [miraculously counterclaim my golf]
    BEcause you're a retarded faggot with nothing of value to add to any discussion
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