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Seriuosly considering getting into IPoAC and Pigeon post

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    I have a big window perfect for a birds and I could easily send a USB drive from my window to Buffalo NY in an hour which is way faster than any mail service and I could charge a fraction of the price that UPS would

    The only problem is I can't think of many useful implementations for this service. Any ideas folx?

    Steps and Legal Considerations

    Customs Declarations: Our company will declare mail and packages being transported across borders through standardized customs processes, both electronically and with physical documentation. For pigeons carrying mail, we will create a specific protocol for declaring items carried by pigeons.

    Pre-Flight Declaration: Before releasing the pigeons, [Your Company Name] will submit electronic customs declarations for the items being transported, similar to how items transported by truck or plane are declared. Small, waterproof containers will be attached to the pigeons, carrying documentation such as customs declaration forms and item descriptions in miniature format.

    In-Transit Reporting: We will implement GPS tracking for pigeons to monitor their flight paths and ensure they cross the border at designated points, sharing this information with customs authorities in real-time. Pre-approval from customs authorities will be obtained to use this unique method of transport, ensuring they understand and approve of the tracking and reporting measures.

    Arrival and Inspection: Upon arrival in the U.S., designated personnel from [Your Company Name] will retrieve the pigeons and present them, along with their cargo, to customs officers for inspection. Pigeons will also undergo health checks to comply with import regulations concerning live animals.

    Delivery Process: Once cleared by customs, the items carried by the pigeons will be integrated into [Your Company Name]’s regular delivery network for final delivery to recipients.
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    Just get on that APRS or winlink or some other cool radio nerd shtuff in the meantime
    The following users say it would be alright if the author of this post didn't die in a fire!
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    Lanny Lanny African Astronaut
    Dial up speeds 300bps?
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    Imagine a relay of pigeon post hubs, you put a letter on a pigeon in Toronto, It lands in NY, the letter is transferred to another bird which flies to florida, the letter is transferred, etc

    It would compete with amazon and UPS and be totally green

    Inspired by RFC 2549, on 9 September 2009, the marketing team of The Unlimited, a regional company in South Africa, decided to host a tongue-in-cheek pigeon race between their pet pigeon Winston and local telecom company Telkom SA. The race was to send 4 gigabytes of data from Howick to Hillcrest, approximately 60 kilometres (37 mi) apart. The pigeon carried a microSD card and competed against a Telkom ADSL line. Winston beat the data transfer over Telkom's ADSL line, with a total time of two hours, six minutes and 57 seconds from uploading data on the microSD card to completion of download from the card. At the time of Winston's victory, the ADSL transfer was just under 4% complete
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