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Matt "16 is old enough" Gaetz Introduces Legislation for IRS to Accept Bitcoin payments

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    Folx this is the first step towards CBDC. Step 1 is to create a government avenue to hoover up PoW crypto, and then you increase regulations and make it so bitcoin only goes in and worthless CBDC comes out. Then you make it illegal to own bitcoin and make it law that everyone turns it in to the government and receives central bank digital currency which is controlled by the federal reserve computers. This is the gold standard being ripped from under your feet again.

    This is exactly what Venezuela did.
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    LONDON, July 1 (Reuters) - The Bahamas, the first country in the world to issue a central bank digital currency (CBDC), is now preparing regulations that will require commercial banks to provide access to the e-money in a bid to stimulate adoption, its central bank governor told Reuters.
    The Bahamas' role as a CBDC pioneer - it issued its "Sand Dollar" digital currency in 2020 - means that what it does in the Caribbean is closely watched by the more than 130 countries, from Europe to China, that are now exploring digital versions of their currencies.
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