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It's unfortunate Sophie never evolved past Anarcho Capitalist theory

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    the man who put it in my hood Black Hole [miraculously counterclaim my golf]
    I think libertarian/ancap philosophy died sometime during the birth of AI and i'm wondering where he would stand in this current technological climate

    Originally posted by Sophie Sophie's top anarchism book recommendation of the day is Anarchy and Legal Order: Law and Politics for a Stateless Society. By Gary Chartier. In which Chartier argues the fundamental immorality of the state. His neo-Thomist views on natural law are controversial and not an adequate theory of ethics in my opinion and his anti-utilitarian stance and attempts to undermine the public goods argument for the state are sure to piss Lanny off. And, are at best unpalatable to a more rationalist view of the state of things. Where he shines however is in his application of legal order in a stateless society. There is a long literature on how the common law or merchant law developed and was enforced without state assistance. Chartier cites an important literature in experimental economics which provides evidence that assurance contracts can solve the problem of public goods. He cites arguments and cases in legal theory that may tend to show that tort law can be as good or perhaps better than top-down state-enforced regulation.

    All in all, an interesting philosophical work, the best part of which arguing for the Capitalist part of Anarcho-Capitalism.

    7.2/10 Would recommend.

    Originally posted by Sophie Your lack of historical and geographical knowledge is pathetic. Typical American. Also fuck your country, fuck my country fuck all the countries. Anarcho-Capitalism is where it's at.

    Legalize recreational plutonium.

    Originally posted by Sophie Psht, stop being so polite. I suppose you could say that in ancap the various elements of government are individually privatized for sure. But yeah mostly what i posted is in reference to the ideas and principles behind anarcho-capitalism and it's a pretty compelling read if you ask me. So if you're bored one day, i'd recommend some of the materials i posted.

    Originally posted by Sophie Personal hydrogen bombs for the win.

    Please watch this Youtube video. I would tell you myself but i get tired of arguing with statists all the time everywhere.

    This applies very general to defense in a stateless society.
    I'm a veteran of the console wars, the drug wars, the war on coal, the war on christmas, etc
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    Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood and i'm wondering where he would stand in this current technological climate

    As far away from Kafka as possible.
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    the man who put it in my hood Black Hole [miraculously counterclaim my golf]
    nonce politics
    The following users say it would be alright if the author of this post didn't die in a fire!
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    Dirtbag African Astronaut
    He must be in a fragile state, for whole men don't run from strong women. He needs to overcome cowardice, blindspots caused by sexism and fear of confrontation.
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    Originally posted by Dirtbag He must be in a fragile state, for whole men don't run from strong women. He needs to overcome cowardice, blindspots caused by sexism and fear of confrontation.

    Wasn't it you who didn't show up though?
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    the man who put it in my hood Black Hole [miraculously counterclaim my golf]
    lets keep it tropical fellas
    Originally posted by Sophie How about;

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    Originally posted by Sophie Considering we have no rules other than "don't post anything that lands Lanny in prsion", the rules are social. Personally i respect intelligence, being smart here is like being strong in prison. Also, for our "society" not to disintegrate, people have to follow a type of ethics. Like; i won't talk shit on you for no reason if you don't. It makes the whole anarchy forum in space experience all that more pleasurable.
    Originally posted by Sophie You're allowed, you can even build a little fence around some property and make a socialist "government". The trick is, all interactions must be voluntary. No violence allowed. Unless you both agree to inflict violence upon eachother then you should go ahead because that's really not my business and you both own your body so by all means do what you will with it.
    Originally posted by Sophie Agorism is just AnCap with counter economy thrown in. It's a more practical form of AnCap in the current political and social climate.


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    Enigma African Astronaut
    He'd thinkyour still a rayface tranny fucker, no doubt
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    the man who put it in my hood Black Hole [miraculously counterclaim my golf]
    Originally posted by Sophie We need a special group of people that work to undermine the tranny brigade, from the inside out.

    Originally posted by Sophie As long as the trannies are gunning down the commies i'm happy.

    Originally posted by Sophie Yeah. My gf is Catholic, but she's the worst Catholic on the planet. Well, that's probably not true but it gets the point across. I mean if i well and truly believed that Catholicism was the one true religion and i'd call myself a Catholic. i'd observe all the sacraments and rituals and whatnot. It's not like you're gambling with YOUR IMMORTAL SOUL. That's not to say Catholics should do anything because of the fear of Hell. but if you're going to live your life by a certain belief system, then do it properly, especially if you say you truly believe in the belief system. It's morals, it's values, it's commandments. It's Canonical Laws, even.

    The problem is that people either don't have principles, or they don't understand their own religion very well. The charitable interpretation is the latter. And if that turns out to be true, then The Church itself is largely at fault. At least in my opinion.

    I've mentioned this in the other TRT but i'd be a better Catholic than my gf if i were so inclined. Not because i am a better person but on technicality. However my view is that if God exists, you don't get to Heaven on technicality.
    Originally posted by Sophie Something something identity politics and complicated boring post-modernist philosopher reasons. Basically the intersectional types believe gender is a social construct therefore a man with a penis that identifies as a woman is a woman by their definition. The TERFs are biological absolutists. They don't want nothing to do with the T's because they are biological men. And they see trans-men as another iteration of the patriarchy.

    Yes it's all quite convoluted, why do i know these things? I spend way too much time plugged into the culture war.
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    the man who put it in my hood Black Hole [miraculously counterclaim my golf]
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    the man who put it in my hood Black Hole [miraculously counterclaim my golf]
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    the man who put it in my hood Black Hole [miraculously counterclaim my golf]
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