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Middle Earth : Shadows of War

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    Enigma African Astronaut
    So this is the next game I'mma try to play. I hope it ain't some bullshit like some of the games I pick. As with all games I play it is available on Amazon Luna on their basic subscription.

    It appears to be an RPG based in Lord fo the rings time where you're some fag who wants to stop this doucher Sauron from being a bad guy or some shit? Anyway, so you gotta get your bitch ass up and go do some shit or something to get the ring so you can beat the bad guy.

    I made my character a really tall black guy with a huge cock, he's got this white girl he fuck wit too, nigga look like Usain Bolt but he's not as fast. Anyway, I couldn't change his hair so he's got this weird black people hairstyle but that don't matter. I picked him cuz he'll be hard to see at night, so anyway, in the beginning the lil white girl leaves him and he sees the ring and the fiery volcano and now I'mma start it

    games got a 9/10 rating, like 7 years old. I canceled Amazon Luna and I guess when I canceled I complained and said it wasn't working (really I Just wanted to cram for 3 weeks for that math exam and dind't wanna be distracted) so anyway they gave me the next month/this month for 1$ instead of 10$. I think that's kinda cool of them.

    So yeah i'm this scrawny tall black guy with a sword, emphasize on height (max) and black (black) so now I'mma go swing the sword and try to get my white girl back and the ring and stop bin laden or some shit
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    Enigma African Astronaut
    o ya I Like dis my character is very sneaky and has a good orc Killin knife
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    Enigma African Astronaut

    Yarr me nigga
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    Enigma African Astronaut
    Oh I misunderstood but I guess my nigga found the magic cock ring??? Or something? and everyone wants to try it on but he can't or won't take it off so he's got this big hard on and everyone's super jealous.

    You ever play a game that speaks to you. Oh my God he took off the magic cock ring and gave it to a woman!!!! Woah!!!! Now she's got it on her cock!!! T his game is so progressive!
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    MEGA MOLE Houston
    Moles are often found in the middle of a bunch of earth too, that's like the main thing moles do, burrow down into the shadow of the Earth, I don't know about the war part though.
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    Enigma African Astronaut
    Like hairy dwarves i know

    I've met a couple moles in my life bro that's why I'm not that impressed
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    Kinks Actually pretty straight [bitch the twenty-second stewpan]
    I want to play lol .
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