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Piss Booby Traps

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    Enigma African Astronaut
    Folks these arent' going to stop and invading force but they will cover someone in piss.

    Try to follow along because it's going to get very complicated.

    Take some B vitamin (alternatively you can dehydrate yourself either be reducing water or reducing water in combination with alcohol) you want this piss yellow and piss smell.

    Fill up a large pitcher, a cup may also be used. Now at this point you gotta think, do I want to hurt the person (a jar of piss can really harm someone's skull or teeth if they look up at the falling piss) but that's up to you player. This is your piss trap.

    Recommend not doing this in your own home as well.

    Open the door about 4 inches and put the piss in a precarious position where it's atop the door but it's kinda resting on the frame.

    When a person comes by and opens the already ajar door a real jar of piss will come falling upon their upper body. Drenching them in old, room temperature, yellow piss of a very stinky nature.

    They will typically say "ughhh.......... Is this piss?"

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    Piss is sterile so not sure what the point of this is other than to annoy...some folk also like being pissed on...I know Kafka told me she does.

    Also if they've just been stung by a jellyfish they'll be glad of it.
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