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So why didn't you go into real estate investing?

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    Donald Trump Black Hole

    It's so simple, you buy a property with borrowed money, rent it out, and the tenant pays off the mortgage.
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    Iron Ree African Astronaut [my flyspeck near-blind refund]
    lack of capital or credit
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    Charles Ex Machina African Astronaut
    becsuse being rentier class is parasitic
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    Mighest Houston
    Ask the people that got in around 2006.
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    Buff Billy African Astronaut
    i'm gonna invest in land banditry instead. Property rights are fukken gay
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    Dirtbag African Astronaut
    My cousin is doing that. She's a mental health nurse, moved to Australia as soon as she could. Got married at 25 to the guy she's been with since she was 16, her dad employed him idk what he does exactly but her dad (my uncle) is shady. They got a mortgage for a house in Ireland and rent it out while they live in Australia and I'm sure she tortures those poor souls in the mental hospital, she's a sick bitch.
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    Dirtbag African Astronaut
    Idk if she's a psychopath or not but she is a heartless sadist. People show me their true colours.
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    ner vegas African Astronaut
    the nose: exposed
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    Dirtbag African Astronaut
    The day after my dad died she told me to get a mental health assessment, she was trying to kick me when I was down.
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    Dirtbag African Astronaut
    Originally posted by ner vegas the nose: exposed

    You're in that telegram group?
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    Dirtbag African Astronaut
    At her wedding, the best man mentioned in his speech that she had punched the groom and broke his nose. That can be taken as funny by some people but not in this era, so I suspect he hated her too.
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    Dirtbag African Astronaut
    It would seem better to use the money to rent a place and turn it into a hostel, get volunteers to work there, people who want to live abroad for long periods.
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    Dirtbag African Astronaut
    I'm glad she's in Australia. She came back for a week, I hadn't seen her in two years but I shunned her tea party. I'll never forgive her for what she said after my dad died. I hope I never see her again.
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    Dirtbag African Astronaut
    Idk what I'm gonna do house-wise. I have the legal right to reside here for the rest of my life but my family are vultures so I feel paranoid, need a backup plan.
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    Dirtbag African Astronaut
    I keep thinking of that Breaking Bad episode where Jesse loses the house because a meth lab is found. What if my sister's sociopath fiance plants drugs or something? He is a coke addict and used to break into peoples house and stun them with a stun gun.
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    Dirtbag African Astronaut
    I can't see myself putting a deposit down for a house, I'm always more inclined to invest in myself, my education.
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