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Star Trek and aldra listen to 1:05

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    Warcry African Astronaut
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    Warcry African Astronaut
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    Donald Trump Black Hole
    He's right. Women who are too old to have kids have no one to blame but themselves and whoever they took advice from (meaning the woke rightwing media).
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    Warcry African Astronaut
    braldye this is what ive been telling you. those 16 year olds in lodz hanging out with trashy young white guys or drug mules have no one later to balme but themsleves whejn they reject older but stable with my own pad guys like me.
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    Warcry African Astronaut
    those 16 year old pollack fems want their cake an eat it too. they want to go out to pubs in ldo zlcubns look for suckers like me or frajers then late rmake stupid sounds when they see me to get my attentiopn only tobe rude 10 eyars later theyre like thes ebitches. fuck em and fuck their decisions. they should all just be like chech and hungarians and do oldje.
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    Warcry African Astronaut
    Bradley no matter what excuses you give them for acting like trash and getting on drugs having out with trash at 16 they have it coming bro.
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    ner vegas African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Warcry they should all just be like chech and hungarians and do oldje.

    that's what you took away from this?

    no wonder they outsmart you
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