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Herbal Remedies

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    Kingoffrogs Appendage of Stan
    What herbal remedies do you guys use?

    I've barely used any, the most I will do is drink tea, if it can be considered that.

    Do any of them actually work for you?
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    Iron Ree African Astronaut [my flyspeck near-blind refund]
    royal jelly and ant essence will give you eternal youth

    Originally posted by Iron Ree Jing City-
    Dandy blend, organic cistanche, organic cordyceps, organic eucommia, organic he shou wu, organic shilajit, ant essence, deer antler, organic shizandra goji, toffee stevia, organic coconut oil, organic ghee.

    Shroom Tonic-
    Organic reishi, organic agaricus, organic chaga, organic turkey tail, organic coconut oil, vanilla stevia

    Super Tonic-
    Organic reishi, organic cordyceps, organic he shou wu, organic ginseng, deer antler, organic shizandra goji, organic coconut oil, vanilla stevia.

    Bone Broth Tonic-
    Organic Bone Broth, organic he shou wu, organic pine pollen, organic eucommia, organic lemon juice, organic turmeric juice, organic beet juice, organic cayenne, himalayan pink salt, organic ghee butter
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