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What's Your Guy's Morning "Pick Me Up"?

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    Kingoffrogs African Astronaut
    For me it is just a cup of coffee.

    I also sometimes smoke a roach and a camel crush, but not often anymore.

    I used to take 2 grams of Crouton a few days a week with my coffee, I was working long ass shift and picking up extra hours doing that.
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    Iron Ree Tuskegee Airman
    I take every drugs 24/7 and if I stop doing any of them I get progressively more bitchier as the hours go on

    I chew nicotine gum constantly when I work and smoke during every smoke break while chewing the gum and sipping coffee, it's still not enough.
    My body does not function (well) if I don't have drugs. I can force myself to go into an ascetic zombie-like state but I will be secretly thinking about stabbing everyone in the neck the entire time and drinking their blood

    if I have a buzz going I can be your best friend and lover but God help me when the blood concentration dips IT'S WEARING OFF OH GOD THE VOICES!! I NEED A SIP AND A DIP AND A RIP OR I'm GONNA START FUCKING YELLING *sips *tokes*
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    Iron Ree Tuskegee Airman
    If I ever go to prison i'm gonna legit beat the shit out of people for instant coffee and sugar, they will have to kill me, I'll never get out.
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    Solstice Naturally Camouflaged
    Getting fucked in the ass
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    ner vegas African Astronaut
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    CandyRein Black Hole
    Getting my coochie ate
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