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If you're not using Amazon Fresh, you're missing out.

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    Bradley Black Hole
    Folks the savings I get is kinda incredible. I got 50+ items for 87$. I get everything that's 5-20% off, then I get free shipping on orders over 100$ then I used a coupon for 20$ off any order 100$ or more.

    SO like it was 140$, all the discounts brought it to 107$ then the coupon dropped it off to 87$ w/ free delivery. 50+ items. I mean some of the items were like 6 limes, but some of the other shit were really good deals, I stay away from their meats though.

    Except their prepared meats which are gonna be shit whereever you go, I got 2 16ounce pepperoni tubes (well 2 packs of 2-8ounce slongs)

    5.50, buy one get one free. They had a sale on candy so I got marshmellow peeps & jelly beans so I can put those out for everyone on the table on Sunday morning.

    But what the real allure is is that their prices (Without the sales) are lower than they are locally at the store. like 87$ will get u 2 backpacks locally, instead I got 6 1/2 brown paper bags on my door step.

    The biggest item I like to get is mixed vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower, they didn't have asparagus spears, all frozen for liek 1-1.40$ per 12 ounce bag. I eat about one bag a day. 50% of the mass of my consumption is frozen vegetables
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    Bradley Black Hole

    Lotta good stuff, .59
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    Iron Ree African Astronaut [my flyspeck near-blind refund]
    I hope we get an amazon fresh warehouse

    I heard those are the BEST facilities to work in with almost none of the common issues found in a traditional Amazon FC. They are big enough of a company that I could see them easily compete with major grocers in my region. I would totally stop shopping at big retailers and only get groceries from Amazon if the price was right

    I would never return fruit at a grocery store but if I got a single dent on my apple from Amazon I would take 100 high quality photos and act like it's the end of the world. I think that alone makes them better than a traditional grocery store. Old ladies that hold up the line to return their apple with a worm in it should ALL FUCKING DIE!!!!!! especially if they check their lotto tickets after.

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    Kingoffrogs African Astronaut
    Wow brad yer meat is HEWGE!
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    Iron Ree African Astronaut [my flyspeck near-blind refund]
    Is this in metropolitan florida you are getting this from?
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    Bradley Black Hole

    FOlks I've been eating like a fucking king all day. AT least a healthy king, I had fish fillets over a bed of rice for breakfast, espresso with artificial sweetener, later on I had a banana, 2 fudge pop tarts, more espresso now I just made salami, mixed vegetables, cheese, and fresh spinach all together with some hot sauce on a tortilla and grilled it.

    Later I"m gonna have cucumber slices and lemon water. For dinner I don't know yet.

    The salami was a really good idea, 1inch off the song made an entire bowl of mixed vegetables very salty and savory.

    I might even make a banana peanut butter crackers appetizer like a slice of banana on a peanut butter crackers like an open faced sandwich, probably gonna make more espresso too

    I didn't have sex with any of it. But I might
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    Bradley Black Hole
    Eating so much vegetables is really making my body feel well, I'm doing it for my eyes but I noticed like throughout the day I have energy, my body feels more intact, I don't really get tired, I sleep better, my cum is more viscous and I don't feel shitty. I"m not sure if it's simply from not drinking
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    ner vegas African Astronaut
    pepperoni schlongs
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    Charles Ex Machina African Astronaut
    brad, you disgusts me.

    they manage to under cut the prices of brick and concrete stores by not hiring shelve stackers, cashiers and janitors and sheit.

    in economy what goes around comes around and i hope when you graduate, if you graduate, there will be no other jobs left other than working for amazon.
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