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Becoming a cop

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    Iron Ree Tuskegee Airman
    The city is hiring a bunch of PD and I have been thinking about "going through basic" and joining the academy folx

    I just happened to roll up at the art gallerie/ pizzeria and they were towing someones car and I walked next to them and asked whats the deal and he said "(the beaner)they said myra has been parked here for a while and i was called to tow it" and i said well I'm myras friend and I'm coming to check on this situation and you two (the tatted up sluts) need to cool it and go back to work. ( and they did) and told her that im not a cop, but their in the wrong.

    and that was it

    its kind of funny how people do what you want when you're drunk and not even an authority (but you've been around the block)
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