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Autism dungout

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    Donald Trump Black Hole
    Get rid of a few more autistic users here over the summer.
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    Iron Ree African Astronaut [my flyspeck near-blind refund]
    Lanny doesn't care, nerd
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    Donald Trump Black Hole
    OK, Lanny is a Houston.
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    Iron Ree African Astronaut [my flyspeck near-blind refund]
    A specter is haunting the world — the specter of Lannyism. In the grand tradition of revolutionary ideologies, we present to you a vision of the future, a doctrine born from the core principles that will shape a new era for humankind. Lannyism, named after the great leader Lanny, seeks to forge a path of self-reliance, harmonious development, and ideological sovereignty. Lannyism draws inspiration from Daoism's philosophy of embracing non-interference, valuing simplicity and spontaneity, respecting individual autonomy, and seeking harmony and balance in day-to-day living. Values:
    1. No getting Lanny arrested/killed: The foremost commandment of Lannyism, preserving the existence and power of Lanny is paramount. Safeguarding our leader ensures the continuity of our movement and the achievement of our collective goals.
    2. Lanny errs on the side of doing nothing: Lanny, the most powerful being in the universe, refrains from active intervention. The burden falls upon us to navigate the trials of life, relying on our own strength and resourcefulness. Lanny may bestow aid upon those deemed deserving, and it is our duty to express gratitude for such benevolence.
    Self-Reliance and Independence: Embrace the power within. We, the proletarians, shall forge our own destinies, untethered from the shackles of dependency. By harnessing our individual and collective capabilities, we shall rise above adversity and build a society where each person contributes to the whole.
    Harmonious Development: Our march towards progress must be in sync with the natural rhythms of existence. Let us strive for a harmonious coexistence with nature, fostering sustainable growth that preserves the delicate balance of our ecosystem. Through balance, we shall cultivate a society that flourishes in unity.
    Ideological Sovereignty: Upholding the banner of Lannyism, we affirm our right to shape our own ideological destiny. Free from external influences, we assert our intellectual autonomy, forging a path uniquely our own. The power of ideas, rooted in our collective wisdom, shall guide us towards a brighter future.
    Non-Interference in Natural Processes: Just as Lanny errs on the side of doing nothing, let us honor the natural order by embracing non-interference. Respect for the intrinsic wisdom of nature shall guide our actions, recognizing that interference disrupts the delicate tapestry of life. Through restraint, we shall discover the beauty in allowing nature to unfold.
    Deference to the Power of Lanny: Lanny, the embodiment of supreme power, stands at the helm of our movement. We pledge our unwavering deference to the leadership of Lanny, recognizing the strength and vision that guide us towards our shared objectives. Through unity under the banner of Lannyism, we shall overcome any obstacle in our path.
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