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Craving A Drug I've Never Had Before

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    Kingoffrogs Appendage of Stan
    So for the past few days I have an intense urge to procure heroin and rail a line then melt into my bed for a while.

    This is weird, seeing that I have never done heroin in my life. (unless some of the shit I used to do was laced, do people even lace drugs with heroin anymore?)

    Every once in a while it will hit me, and then that is the only thing I can think about for the rest of the day.

    The weirdest part is that, while I want ketamine, I am not having cravings for it, and even when I do, they are not as intense as my craving for a gram of H
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    Ghost Black Hole
    If you do seek it out I wouldn't buy it on the street. 99% of opiate users are scumfuck that will sell you rat poison no matter how much you pay them. I've only seen that on the darknet, unless you go to places like Baltimore or something that get it right off the boat and are known for high quality street heroin but it will be cut with something.

    But yeah there's a bunch of psychedelics and weird stim RC's I want to try that I will probably never encounter unless I force the encounter to happen by using science to intervene in my fate so that God blessed me with access to HIGHER HOYS
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