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Why do you use drugs?

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    Kingoffrogs Appendage of Stan
    I have used drugs for many reasons. Usually I use drugs because I am bored, but I have also used psychedelics and dissociatives for both spiritual and recreational purposes.

    I used Crouton to work overtime.

    And I smoked tobacco because it is a great drug to pair with other drugs.

    How about you guys?
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    Solstice Naturally Camouflaged
    Self-medication, curiosity, fun, boredom
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    Ghost Black Hole
    brain chemical feel good
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    RIPtotse victim of incest [my adversative decurved garbo]
    Because I can't control my emotions interpersonally.
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    Instigator Space Nigga
    Started off so I could stare at my lava lamp for longer than usual

    And now just to self medicate and keep me on the straight and narrow.
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    Instigator Space Nigga

    virtual spinner with numbers
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    Charles Ex Machina African Astronaut
    i dont use any drugs.

    only mental enhancements.
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    Ghost Black Hole
    Prevents me from committing violent crimes
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    Ghost Black Hole
    and i just ran out
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    Meikai Heck This Schlong
    i dont no more
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    sceneshooter88 Yung Blood
    to feel good
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    trippymindfuk African Astronaut
    Started out of curiosity and continued due to addiction. I don't know I just like drugs what can I say.

    I used to be pretty fucked up on anything I could get my hands on. These days it's only Crouton and occasionally some weed.
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    Iron Ree African Astronaut [my flyspeck near-blind refund]
    II connect with jah
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