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Teens in Lodz, Poland are being warned to stay away from a dangerous sex offender.

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    Bradley Black Hole
    Going by a variety of names online such as
    & SegaFan1981

    He is reported to be stalking the streets of downtown Lodz, on the search for teen girls to eat his ass. He is looking for all females between the ages of 15 (or maybe younger is okay too) to 17 (not any older ever) interested in eating ass, reenacting his oldje-style fetishes and pursuing a daddy daughter relationship.

    He has no formal education or job skills. However he is almost bilingual speaking English fluently and working on learning Polish. You may recognize him from his graying hairs, wrinkly face, and his desire to talk about the age of consent both internationally and domestically.

    It is advised to keep dogs away from him as well.

    Hide ya kids, your wife is fine, and hide your dog too cuz he's fuckin everything.
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