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Minecraft Mace PVP more powerful than crystal pvp with hacks

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    Ghost Black Hole
    Holy shit, the minecraft PVP meta has finally changed. Crystal PVP hit it's theoretical limits sometime while technoblade was still alive

    the only thing arguably stronger than end crystal PVP is using a 32k god sword with hacks. But Minecraft has just added Maces which are more powerful than crystals and slightly less powerful than a 32k

    essentially how the mace works is the damage scales like an anvil based on how many blocks you fell and hit someone. 100+ blocks is an instant KO. I think what's more efficient would be rhythmically hitting the space bar with elytra so you do a dolphin-like glide (no rocket) and land every hit on someones head. According to my math this should eat through full enchant armor and god apples in a few hits, no 100+ drop needed.

    This is huge. You could essentially be a 1 hit kill machine with a mace which checks crystal PVP as you can just fly up and then turn on a hack to instant drop and swing. This is gonna force fights vertically upwards instead of downwards like traditional combat and forces you to use the environment strategically instead of sitting in a bedrock hole spamming crystals and killaura
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