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Relationships are hell but worth it

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    Pillpopper Tuskegee Airman
    After our daughter died our relationship went south but we were both responsible for that. Cancer is a cruel fucking illness especially when it comes to a child.
    We separated because we just could not be near each other without anger and hurt. After time and counselling we reconciled and were happy again but she wanted another kid and we started fighting because I selfishly didn’t want to ever go through this pain again and just said no.
    More counselling and my wife admitted there was a part of her that wanted to replace Kira but didn’t realize how much I was still hurting and when all was said and done apologized and dropped it. This was not an easy process as I was mad as hell. Losing Kira was a living hell for me and for her as well but what caused our separation to last as long as it did was her realization that she wanted another child. My sobriety became a fucking cell to me. I wanted booze and coke worse than anything but I managed to stay straight as much as it hurt. We’ve been as good as the day we were married a good while now.

    Well she’s six months pregnant and mad and I’m happier than hell. Gonna have a son. She wanted a girl and I got a son.

    What scares me is at some point when he is older is explaining what happened to his sister.

    Life sucks at times but if you can find the strength to get through the storm and the misery.
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