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I can't find the 39 unread in my inbox.

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    Bradley Black Hole
    Folks we need a mark all as read. These are so old and I started using it again and for the life of me the bold looks identical to normal print for some reason and I use the emole black and white version so the red 39 is really a nuisance can someone help me with this
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    Ghost Black Hole
    just add a button next to the delete button called "scan" that goes BRPRBRRORPRPRR to all your pMs and moves all the unreads to the front

    this could also be accomplished with browser scripts
    {% for message in messages %}
    <tr class="{% if %}read{% else %}unread{% endif %}">
    {% if show_from or show_to %}
    <input type="checkbox" class="select-pm" form="post-actions"
    name="message" value="{{ }}"
    data-checkbox-list="select-pm" />
    {% endif %}

    This code snippet appears to be part of a template using a templating language like Jinja or Django template language, typically used in web frameworks like Django.

    Here's an explanation of the code:

    - `<tbody>`: This tag typically represents the body of a table in HTML.

    - `{% for message in messages %}`: This is a loop that iterates over each `message` in the `messages` collection.

    - `<tr class="{% if %}read{% else %}unread{% endif %}">`: This line creates a table row (`<tr>`) with a dynamic class. If the `message` is marked as read (`` is true), the class is set to "read"; otherwise, it's set to "unread".

    - `{% if show_from or show_to %}`: This condition checks whether either `show_from` or `show_to` is true. If either is true, it proceeds to the next block of code.

    - `<td>`: This is a table cell in HTML.

    - `<input type="checkbox" class="select-pm" form="post-actions" name="message" value="{{ }}" data-checkbox-list="select-pm" />`: This line creates a checkbox input. The class is set to "select-pm", and it has a name "message" with a value of `{{ }}` (presumably, the primary key of the message). The `form` attribute specifies the form to which this checkbox belongs, and `data-checkbox-list="select-pm"` is likely used for handling multiple checkboxes in a list.

    - `{% endif %}`: This marks the end of the if condition started by `{% if show_from or show_to %}`.

    In summary, this code generates a table row for each message in the `messages` collection. If the message is marked as read, it assigns the "read" class to the row; otherwise, it assigns the "unread" class. If either `show_from` or `show_to` is true, it includes a checkbox in the row for potential user actions.
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