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going to work at fang

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    A College Professor victim of incest [your moreover breastless limestone]
    I already know what time it is because I had a friend who worked in the googletown building in Mountain View, and he told me all about how they literally have tampon facilities in the mens crappers there. So I already know what I'm getting into.

    Now as someone who has dabbled with HMTL before I figured I better brush up on my coding before I book an interview. Literally I hired a guru who has stolen their official FANG assesment tests from the big-guys and heres the sort of thing they will have u do on a whyteboard ( they really just put you on the spot becuase you have to hit the ground rolling at these kinds of places, theres no time to hold youre hand and shit when youre in the bigleagues you need to go in there and refactor lannys sloppy ass codeDAY ONE,ALL DAY and do some clever hacks you have been PRACTICING FOR THIS MOMENT YOUR ENTIRE LIFE OH YEAH I REMEMBERF THIS EXACT PUZZLE QUESTION FROM CODEHACKER-LIFE.COM WHERE I LEARNT THE PERFECT ALGORIGHTMYHM FOR HTIS ONE RARE SCENARIO! )


    Please write a program which asks for the user's name. If the name is anything but "Jerry", the program then asks for the number of portions and prints out the total cost. The price of a single portion is 5.90.

    my guru said he can get me up to speed in 30 days or less but i have to buy him somefthing "called a bitcoin"

    Anyone else in the industry and want to meet up once i get on campus? im not used to this environment so it will be a bit of an adjustment im going shopping for my first tuxedo and adult tricycle already
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    Charles Ex Machina African Astronaut
    be sure tk remember your pronouns, and others.

    identify as non-white non-binary to get extra perks.
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    ner vegas African Astronaut
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    Ghost Black Hole
    we swapping our blue shirts for white

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    more like, going to fork at wang
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    FANG companies really fucked shit up
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    EduCaTional CATastropHE African Astronaut
    It's FAANG fyi I know I'm the classiest person here but you should know
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    EduCaTional CATastropHE African Astronaut
    Actually fang is fine lol double the fang for fang fang no double a
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