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Exposing the lies of the Council Cryptic Rite Masonry

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    Using trianglist theory

    their triangle actually rejects the trinitarian order of reality by using a broken triangle which "Reminds of our Mortality"

    because you are rejecting the immortal.

    The trowel reminds us to cement our relationships
    i/e cement in the rejection of trinitarian immortality

    The sword to "defend our guides thoughts and actions so that they never offend our fellow man"

    which is just a fancy way to say 'deceive them so they don't reject you' Wow, once you figure out the methodology behind these anti religious groups it's pretty easy to identify what they are all about. Globalists my ass these people are all retards that should be gassed
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    kike rings
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    found out my grandfather was a mason, but he never talked about it and I never found anything related to it in his stuff
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    Originally posted by aldra found out my grandfather was a mason, but he never talked about it and I never found anything related to it in his stuff

    you might be cursed


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    There are people who want to impose their will,
    beliefs, and morality upon others, and we, as Free-
    masons, need to understand that we will be in their
    cross hairs and continue to be in their cross hairs
    because we are a threat to them. It is the same rea-
    son why Freemasonry was targeted by the Nazis
    and Fascists because Freemasonry is antithetical to
    the beliefs of these regimes. There are those who are
    going to champion human rights, and those who do
    are a threat to those who do not want all humans to
    have rights. Those who do not want all humans
    to have rights are going to do whatever they
    can to prevent them from having rights. Free-
    masonry is and has always been on the
    side of Truth. We can either choose to
    follow the policy of Truth that our ritual lays
    out for us and live it, or we can choose not to.
    For those who chose not to, I only ask this: If we
    are first made a Freemason in our hearts, then is
    it possible for one who does not have a heart to be a

    My theory is that freemasonry is a decentralized satanic force. I believe it is the "church of satan" and the lodges are built near catholic churches so that demons can possess people and be in close proximity to churches and high ranking people.

    I believe this is an ancient rite and that the members do not believe they are satanic or possessed, but they undergo rituals that open them up to such things. I think it's interesting that they require you to believe in God knowing they can't possess a soul that doesn't believe in God.

    The higher oath to swear to defend the christian faith is actually their unholy demon faith you are swearing to defend but it's purported to be the true holy church under the grand architect of the universe with the ultimate goal being a global apocalyptic war against unbelievers of "Truth"

    Essentially when they have enough possessed souls all the grand lodges around the world will open up portals to hell and demons will spill out of them with lodge members defending the demons and they will all beeline to the catholic church across the street and wreck the place up

    Elect an Antipope. Say that he will bring Protestants back into the Church, maybe even the jedis. Antipope can be elected by giving the vote to the Bishops. There will be so many Popes nominated that an Antipope will get in as a compromise pope

    After Antipope arrives, disband Synod of Bishops, Priests Unions and lay advisor groups. Forbid any religious to engage in politics without permission

    Give supreme power to the Pope, to select his successors. Order the Mark of the Beast on all true lovers of God under pain of excommunication

    Declare all former church dogmas false except the Dogma of infallibility

    State that Jesus Christ was a revolutionary that didn't make it. Say that the true christ will soon come

    Order the subjects of the Pope to fight in holy crusades to spread the One World Religion. Satan knows where all the lost gold is!
    Ruthlessly conquer the world, this will give humanity what they have always yearned for, the Golden Age of Peace

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    7 years ago
    DrSiB0T At this point, my arguing Masonry's case isn't worth my time. You and your friend will either call me an ignoramus or a liar. I've got nothing to prove. Masonry isn't a religion. We don't serve Satan. If you find it more convenient to believe fanciful tales and disproved hoaxes, then I'm fine with that and wish you the very best in your endeavors to bear false witness against your neighbor. -Jason "

    Most of the religious angst vis a vis Freemasonry that I've observed has come from one of two places: either the Humanum Genus papal bull of 1844 (in which the Pope condemned Freemasonry for espousing values and tenets contrary to those of the Catholic church, to include separation of church and state and religious toleration), and the Leo Taxil Hoax of the 1890's, in which a pornographer with an axe to grind against Freemasonry and the Catholic church made up letters stating that the "true god of Freemasonry" is Lucifer. He identified himself as the perpetrator of the hoax in order to bring shame to the Catholic church for buying his story hook, line, and sinker; but people to this day still believe it. As a Christian, I've found nothing in Freemasonry to be at odds with my faith; however, I do harbor increasing resentment for so-called Evangelical Christians who insist that I'm going to hell for being a Freemason. I wrote an article on the subject of religious anti-masonry to attempt to dispel some of the myths:
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    Egyptian freemasonry is the true line I think. The Scottish and York rite seem secondary to me

    It's called irregular but knowing masonic code that probably means it's not irregular but actually regular like the Catholic TLM
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