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My 🆕 years resolution and new life goal

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    🐈 Yung Blood
    i dont know why people think fucking a bunch of different girls is a worthwhile goal. that shit goes hand in hand with emotional problems and really does nothing for you except gives you the admiration of other dudes caught up in the same shit and even then theyre just going to lie about their own experiences to try to one up you. you are trading your peace of mind (pregnancy and STI related things along with the fact that the human mind really isnt well suited to sleeping around and youre definitely going to feel that either yourself or dealing with shit from the other person) and also the potential to find real love thats not fake admiration from people who never mentally matured past age 16 for the opportunity to spend a bunch of money and time just to get off for what, 15 minutes to an hour? and sex with people you dont love fucking sucks anyways and is basically just a facade.

    everyone knows it but im the only one with the balls to say it. why?
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    holy shit , a cat
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