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I wrote a paper for my humanities class and didn't use the word kike once.

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    Bradley Black Hole
    Folks I was gonna post it here bu t let's just say I didn'tshow up for 1 week after the exam, because we were given time to do a group project and discuss it for 1/2 of the first day I didn't go (First half they handed out grades but i know how to use the website lol so why go) n last minute I Joined a group of this boyfriend/girlfriend who seem equally retarded at 18 years old

    so I type this big ass paper and they said wow that's really good and it took me about 2 hours to buy weed and after I got really high I watched a youtube video at 80% speed once, while writing on a white board

    & once while I wrote 60-80 words per minute, folks the ability to pause every 45 seconds and trascribe basic 9information

    has never been easier!

    I looked at his 8 sources, grabbed my fav 3 and did the mla format for them and sent ti tot hem both in an email cuz i didn't want them to have my number

    holla i told them 1 of them has to make the hard tack (as white people call it) unleavened jedi bread of floru and water and heat dat shit up and bring it or go to the deli i sent him the link to which has them all day for kikes everywhere to celebrate passover or some shit y ahear

    n the ghirl has to do the poster and, print out what I wrote, uh i told her to use the work cited page links for any and all photos she needs and to make it blue and white themed i said a menorah the jedis leaving israel in the painting with moses at the front of the red sea parting it and the star of david, idgaf beyond that, oh and the flat bread but the jedis just want to be worshipped for the first 3 and blue and white they people flag

    so ya 1 guy is gonna go buy the bread from teh jedi bakery and just handed it to our black proffessor as proof like we got the food he said we could buy it so that's when i knew this was a good idea but it's expensive but them kids got money if they got clean clothes of name brand shit and goin on vacations and shit and fuck each other instead of me

    and i figure a bitch can print out the 3 pictures, get the poster board of white paper if she's in a second year humanities required class for some major or some shit and they both are from cuba or some shit prolly like they speak mexican to each other so i know what's up, and i made it so good bro at the end i included a PARAGRAPH that says through this project we can better understand our own culture and how it relates to the jedi people's tradition of the feast of the unleavened bread

    i sadi nigga no wonder i got a 3.4 GPA despite previously having an alcohol problem

    now i'mma go jack off to interracial porn, read chapter 9 and get ready for class even tho i'm blind and don't proof read shit my nigga, i only write in pen because I don't make mistakes my nigga, 0 kids, what up with it.
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    totse2118 Space Nigga (banned)
    you're literally a hero wow step aside Ghandi and Mother Teresa St. Brad coming through
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    Bradley Black Hole
    Thank you, but I am not so much a saint as slightly better than average.
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