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Dreams about rejection.

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    Bradley Black Hole
    Folks I had the worst dream ever. First I woke up covered in sweat cuz I rolled on the remote ocntrol for my air condijtoning and turned it off. I guess like so in my dream we were at this complex up north wisconsin and we had to look at this hunting cabin my friend shot up on my other sfriend, and he waas like man he can't do this so he leaves me there, and I remember having to go through like a maze and I saw him jail trying to get back to where we originally were

    His girlfriend was there and invited me to come inside and talk, so I ended up putting the guns in the basement, they were long guns so I put them above th e air ducts in the basement near the flooring, and kept the rag around where I handle each one in my pocket.

    So I find some of his product, and leave it, but I find a small stack of money while going through inventory. I bail him out and he wants revenge on who set him up. So we go to and his ex girlfriend starts telling me she left him and coming onto me and I get a major hard on at walmart. They were selling AoE + expansion packs green disc and I stole the discs out of it.

    We leave and go back home and dude's gone and she tells me to make sure the guns are good and I'm trtying to fuck and she's telling me she loves me and i'm unsure what to say back

    and she gets a phone call and it's my boy outside asking her to be let in and I hear him say "So what the fuck why is brad there handling my money?"

    and i woke up, feeling rejected
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    Meikai Heck This Schlong
    nigga u already on immunosuppressants wtf u worried about rejection for lmao
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    totse2118 Space Nigga (banned)
    imagine getting rejected by day AND in your dreams that's how toxic and evil OP is that he knows he's a wrongun even his subconcious tells him "you will die alone"
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    Instigator African Astronaut
    Is she blind?
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    Bradley Black Hole
    Originally posted by Meikai nigga u already on immunosuppressants wtf u worried about rejection for lmao

    I don't take methotrexate or humira (DMARD) or prendisone anymore.

    I literally take 2 vitamins for my eyes, a men's multi and 1 anti depressant in a medium dose daily about 25-28 times a month.

    And no i can see fine in my dreams (Without the focal point blurriness) and she reminded me of Caitlin, my seconds ex girlfriend, who I always had the hots for cuz she was my girlfriends of seven years best friend for most of my childhood.
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    Wariat Marine/Preteen Biologist

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    Kingoffrogs African Astronaut
    Listen to me, Bradley. You need to do one thing in any situation, and you need to be good at it: evaluate your risks and benefits. If your benefits outweigh your risks, do it. If vice versa, don't do it.
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