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What goes on in someones mind or family home like this?

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    Wariat Marine/Preteen Biologist
    when other girls this age are going to school and eve look way sluttier at nightclubs and never hardly go home with anyone and only use men to buy drinks and have oe steady boyfriend in palces like Poland (even the Ukrainains here) and would threate to call cops on you on instagram for even mentioning things this girl ends up doing like drinking piss and eve tlak shit to you for being slightly older like 30 inside a bar (ask star trek we were even treated by 20 yr olds like old men while this oe at least in oen scene did oldje), and she lived or lives that sort of disgusting life, what goes on in her head?
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    Wariat Marine/Preteen Biologist
    like was there abuse or is ehr fmily ife so bad she had to get out and was not acadewmically well suited for school or what star trek? couldnt find a single sugar daddy or suitor. I mean seirously most girls this age dont even know things like rimming or dirkig piss exist or look at porn at all in Polad.
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