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Building a Garage semiconductor factorette

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    More serviettes sir? Don't mind MY GARAGE FACTORY where we harness the power of sheep eggs .

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    totse2118 Space Nigga (banned)
    I'm telling you these are the future fuys this is a big bucks idea

    It all started in silicone valley growing silicon crystals on factories they called them crystal girls

    Now it's all chunks in a factory in Asia

    I'm trying to bring it back home and being mocked and locked 🔒🔐 by people that would prefer to order a microchip from China and Taiwan they are invested in the global system and making AMERICAN MADE chips will hurt their bottom line

    Pretty easy to see where the loyalties fall with stuff like this.
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    totse2118 Space Nigga (banned)

    IN AUGUST, CHIPMAKER Intel revealed new details about its plan to build a “mega-fab” on US soil, a $100 billion factory where 10,000 workers will make a new generation of powerful processors studded with billions of transistors. The same month, 22-year-old Sam Zeloof announced his own semiconductor milestone. It was achieved alone in his family’s New Jersey garage, about 30 miles from where the first transistor was made at Bell Labs in 1947.

    With a collection of salvaged and homemade equipment, Zeloof produced a chip with 1,200 transistors. He had sliced up wafers of silicon, patterned them with microscopic designs using ultraviolet light, and dunked them in acid by hand, documenting the process on YouTube and his blog. “Maybe it’s overconfidence, but I have a mentality that another human figured it out, so I can too, even if maybe it takes me longer,” he says.
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    Kawkasian African Astronaut
    Originally posted by totse2118 It all started in silicone valley

    I thought it started in Silicon Valley.

    Isn't silicone valley the gap between 2 fake tits?
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    totse2118 Space Nigga (banned)
    silly coon valley USA
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    totse2118 Space Nigga (banned)
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    totse2118 Space Nigga (banned)
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    Kawkasian African Astronaut
    Who didn't have a crystal growing set as a young fella-me-lad

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    totse2118 Space Nigga (banned)
    Tube furnaces? Strong Acids? Stirplates? holy shit this is just like industrial meth cooking

    Chapter Eight
    Phelly/acetolle via the Tube Furllace
    Chapter Eight
    Phenylacetone via the Tube Furnace
    The best way to produce phenylacetone on a large scale and continuous basis is by a catalyst bed
    inside a tube furnace. This has several advantages over the other methods described in this book. Cheap
    and very common acetic acid is used to react with phenylacetic acid instead of the expensive and more
    exotic acetic anhydride and pyridine. Use of the tube furnace frees up the glassware for use in other
    operations. The furnace requires very little attention while it is in operation, which allows the
    underground chemist to spend his time turning the phenylacetone into methamphetamine. There is no
    reason why this process cannot be used in small-scale production. It is just that its advantages really
    come out when large amounts of phenylacetone must be produced.
    In this process, a mixture of phenylacetic acid and glacial acetic acid is slowly dripped into a Pyrex
    combustion tube which is tilled with pea-sized pumice stones covcred with a coating of either thorium
    oxide or manganous oxide catalyst. This bed of catalyst is heated to a high temperature with a tube
    furnace and the vapors of phenylacetic acid and acetic acid react on the surface of the catalyst to produce
    ketones. Three reactions result.
    The acid mixture is prepared so that there are three molecules of acetic acid for every molecule of
    phenylacetic acid. This makes it much morc likely lhat the valuable phenylacetic acid will react with
    acctic acid to produce phenylacetone rather than with another molecule of phenylacetic to produce the
    useless dibenzyl ketone.
    Acetic acid
    CH C'
    3 'OH
    Acetic acid
    OCH2C CH3 + CO2 + H20
    ,0 9
    + CH3C'OH- CH:3C CH3
    + CO2 + H20
    Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture
    Eighth Edition
    The vapors are kept moving i n the catalyst tube by a slow stream of nitrogen and eventually the
    product comes out the far end of the catalyst tube. The vapors are then condensed and collected in a
    500 ml SIP funn.1
    r Vacuum adapter� Catalyst bed����""ITIUib·I'IU 'ln·ICi·..-,;.������� �
    � � �
    N2 in I'
    \ "NtCnrome ltads10 transformer _____-'�
    500 mlflnkJ
    Figure 23
    The complete apparatus for doing this reaction is shown in Figure 23. The combustion tube is made of
    Pyrex and is about one meter long. It is about 2 centimeters in internal diameter, with a male 24/40
    ground glass joint on one end and a female 24/40 ground glass joint on the other end. I f the underground
    chemist cannot buy the tube with the glass joints already on it, there are many places which will weld
    these glass joints onto the tube. He can find such a place by asking around and checking the Yellow
    The tube furnace must be 70 centimeters in kngth. The only commercially available tube furnace that 1
    know of is the Hoskins tube furnace. It is a tine furnace, but only 35 em in length. Two of these would
    have to be run end-to-cnd to get the required 70 cm length. The cost, including a transformer for each of
    the furnaces, would bc over $700. It is better and cheaper for the chemist to build his own tube furnace.
    The tube furnace starts with a section of thinwall iron tubing about 75 cm long and 3 to 3.2 cm in
    internal diameter. Thinwall iron tubing has a metal thickness of .024 inch. The outside of the tubing is
    wrapped with asbestos cloth or asbestos paper to a thickness of about 2 millimeters. Asbestos cloth or
    paper is available at hardware stores.
    Fifty feet of 28 gauge AWG nichrome wire is wrapped around the central 70 em of the tube. The
    windings are made fairly taut so that the wire sinks slightly into the asbestos paper. Each winding is
    evenly spaced from the previous one, about y, cm apart. One winding must not be allowed to come into
    contact with another, or there will be a short circuit.
    The outside of the tubing is insulated with 6 or 7 layers of asbestos paper or cloth. This insulation is
    held in place by using copper wire ligatures about 6 inches long, wrapped around the outside of the
    insulation, and tied at the ends to make it tight.

    actually some good info there about running a tube furnace in a clandestine/garage setting
    you know you live in the future when meth cooking processes are transferable skills to making computers
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    I've been working on the plan for business. So far I decided to hire Latinas and slim Black/Mullato women , then tell them I'll have sex with them, IF they buy me some panties from Victoria's Secret

    The company's motto is " equity for all, pleasure above all else"
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    totse2118 Space Nigga (banned)
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    Kawkasian African Astronaut
    Originally posted by I Live In Your Crawlspace Secretly4 I've been working on the plan for business. So far I decided to hire Latinas and slim Black/Mullato women , then tell them I'll have sex with them, IF they buy me some panties from Victoria's Secret

    The company's motto is " equity for all, pleasure above all else"

    They'll own the company in 6 months if you tell them that.
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    A College Professor victim of incest [your moreover breastless limestone]
    Originally posted by Kawkasian They'll own the company in 6 months if you tell them that.

    Employee owned company you say? THATS BRILIANT JUST LIKE YOU GOOD FAIR KIND SIR
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