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Stockdale Highway BIG MONEY HUSTLIN

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    Happened last two times I stopped for gas at the Stockdale Hwy exit ,some Arab crisis-actor in a gay ass car like a Mercedes crossover pulls up and gives a sob story about how he needs gas and he's from another country and lost his credit card but not to worry *takes off hugh-mungus ring* 'here I will give you this gold ring if you fill up my car'.

    Literary they were both exact same script, last time the guy had his little gypsy kid in the back saying PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!?!

    I dunno NIS sounds like a good way to get rich you could probably get a lot of gas!!

    Anyways if they try this little stunt with me again I'm ready with a plan I'm going to kORN-on-the-curb-kick their door and cave it in and tell em not to mess with Texas NOBODY FUCKING GETS OVER ON THE CRAWLSPACE

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    totse2118 Space Nigga (banned)

    Originally posted by Ghost 'Homeless Crazy' people are actually RCMP plainclothes using gang stalking tactics, street skits, staged bin divers, drug runners at the subway station all to cover up state funded drug running and terror hoaxes

    here is the same guy being interviewed after the Alek Minassian fake terror hoax attack. Same undercover RCMP agent.

    More Evidence of street skits

    What if government intelligence and secret police placed you under relentless surveillance to drive you insane with it, spreading rumours and lies about you to everyone you came in contact with, using an army of plain clothed and informants to sponge your life dry of all privacy, turning every aspect of your personal life against you? Fabricating cover stories to test surveillance technologies and methods in a criminal conspiracy so deliberately grotesque, no one would ever believe it to be true: a program which transforms isolated persons into domestic terrorists for the political capital required for unending undeclared International warfare.

    It is near-impossible to live in this nation as an honest man, as corruption, exploitation and criminality detests honest men. One is illegally placed under government surveillance to be deliberately ruined, discredited and driven mad with it. These campaigns have been known as 'sluggish schizophrenia' in Russia, Stasi informant campaigns in Germany, COINTELPRO in America and diffuse and disrupt ("D&D") in Canada.

    These campaigns were and are used to discredit and eliminate truthful and intelligent critics of government, the military, law enforcement, organized religion, etc. They justify every preconception one could have about government, religious affiliation, racial identity or whatever targeting profile has been assigned to the campaign.

    The hope is that the target will become discredited by psychiatry or incarcerated once telling others that they are being followed, patterned and mimicked, since psychiatry has no tools for surveillance. The criminal stalking campaign incorporates their target's private home surveillance into plain-clothed 'skits' in public, so that the target feels imprisoned and paranoid wherever they go

    When one reports major crime drug activity in Canada, the regular police gather all the information they can about you. Police drug crews do not show at your door, since they are recruited current and ex-drug addicts, who live a life of deceit, lies and drug abuse. Their job is to control drug flow (e.g. kilograms of cocaine per day to feed Yonge Street), which demands spreading your personal information to government/police-protected drug runners to keep you silent. If their false witness discrediting does not bring you down, your personal information is spread further to tens of thousands of low level drug dealers and buyers via mobile devices, who will pulverize you with relentless stalking for payment in cocaine, heroin, crack cocaine or crystal meth until you are driven to ruin, insanity or suicide.

    Anyone who detects how the Canadian government and its federal and local police distributes drugs will be targeted, as will those who detect how drugs cross American/Mexican borders with spies and plain clothed police acting as tourists. It is done rather simply with a police-linked network of swappable mobile phones (swapping photos of anonymous faces for one-time secure contact), earbuds for discrete directions and backpacks/luggage in a pea and shell game. Anyone who detects this scheme will be pulverized with counterintelligence stalkers who, for the most part, are 'day players' doing a stalking skit for one-time payment in drugs, leaving no paper trail. Whomever you may come in contact with for assistance may be directed to you by the federal police to ensure the vast drug running scheme is neither exposed nor compromised.

    The 11th floor RCMP HQ at 105 Isabella used redundant biometric tracking in backpacks, mobile phones, police wires, button cams and Toronto police CCTV to stage drug deals non-stop. The Canadian, American and Mexican governments have hundreds of thousands of drug users, addicts and dealers to stalk an honest person to institutionalization, suicide or a 'brought it upon yourself' targeted killing. The decade-plus-and-running law enforcement-protected drug manufacture/distribution scheme is a fairly straightforward Hispanic cartel structure, using a 'nothing but garbage and poor people to see here' psychology to hide it in plain sight.
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    Ohh FuacK I've been g-stalked.

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    totse2118 Space Nigga (banned)
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