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The jedis are going to whomp the Muslims in a manner that changes things "for generations to come."

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    Bradley Black Hole
    Ya okay and the Muslims were going to run in with 1,400 guerilla fighters and destroy the jedis once and for all. LOL

    Bro they're both so mad lol, allah told one of them they don't have toa im just shoot so many that if u miss ur guy will hit it lol 8,000 rockets so israel fired 5,000 bombs (at like 500-2000lb each) precision aimed at high population centers in Gaza.


    I personally don't have any dog in the fight other than being an anti semite as well as America where our Zionist occupied government continues to provide unwavering support for the state of Israel.

    So if the jedis win again, I kinda "benefit" i guess by my country having it's best friend in the desert being okay.

    And if the Muslims hoards suceed in running every man woman and child of Israeli citizenship to their death, imshallah.

    Senior Pharicesse of the jedis said recently that he is going to fight without restraint. That's been echoed by their hawkish highest priests in the military and they are mobilizing the largest army they've ever had.

    LOL and the muslims are like OK FUYS WE GOT THIS BIGTCH FOR REAL THIS TIME

    and i hope they do but the difference is like a golden desert eagle and a rusty kalishnnikov that your father was given in 1973 that was never oiled but regularly inspected for ample dust,and sand.

    n i Think this is gonna be dope as fuck can i get the opinions of our local muslims? Michael Myers, sudo (white canadian perspective), captain falcon are encouraged to respond.

    I don't think we have any jedis her and I think that's for the best. The jedi opinion is known to anyone with some intelligence or knowledge can figure out.

    The jedis are trying to figure out a way to ferret out any orthodox Muslims that put religion over money/capitalist consumer goods, what the west has done to its people.

    The devout muslims are trying to cling to their culture and that's not okay to the jedis who seek to dominate the levels of government, economy, and most recently media and entertainment in order to better control and exploit the people whose country they reside in.

    A nomadic people no one wanted suceeded in taking over the European royalties, the former USSR and all related states, and the Western countries in North America in less than 200 years without through simple manipulation and looking white. Incredible, I am glad the Muslims realized this.
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    Bradley Black Hole
    I started talking to the professor in one of my college classes and expressed how i think they're both right and should have an opportunity just to duke it out now that we have modern weapons.

    he said you know israel is a nuclear power now?

    i said ya but there's so many muslims what part of the ant colony are you gonna hit before you have a radiated desert to conquer on foot?

    I don't think he liked when I began referring to the muslims as ants and he kinda ended the discussion.
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    Kawkasian African Astronaut
    Maybe stick to fishing.
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    Originally posted by Kawkasian Maybe stick to fishing.

    No, I wanna hear what a blind drug addict has to say about world politics. This could be the insight we’re missing to finally solve the problem
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    Michael Myers victim of incest [divide your nonresilient tucker]
    You want my opinion on what exactly?
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    Bradley Black Hole
    no you're an apostate
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    + 2000 infidels back ups are on their way with an additional of 2000 more if necessary.

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    totse2118 Space Nigga [my ci light-haired pongee]
    israel is a hologram
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    Originally posted by totse2118 israel is a hologram

    guess what rhymes with hologram.

    ja. holocaust.
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    totse2118 Space Nigga [my ci light-haired pongee]
    that does not rhyme
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    not traditionally
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    Instigator Space Nigga
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    totse2118 Space Nigga [my ci light-haired pongee]
    Originally posted by vindicktive vinny not traditionally

    or at all

    Originally posted by Instigator

    what an epic gamer gen
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