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Russia: "Canadian animals fraternize with nazis"

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    totse2118 Space Nigga [my ci light-haired pongee]

    Germany would have easily defeated Russia in WW2 if they didn't go crying to the allies like a bunch of bitches.
    I would much rather live under a Nazi regime than some faggot neo communist losers like Putler (who is a nazi) and their gay shitty government full of retards HURR DURR ITS A SPECIAL MILITARY OPERATION FUYS!!!

    yeah okay. Putin is a kike, a kike lover. Orthodox church is weird as fuck and probably secretly jedi.

    Nazis are cool. Russian communists are loser faggots that do nothing but lose.
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    totse2118 Space Nigga [my ci light-haired pongee]
    SIEG HEIL!!!

    I hope the nazis win
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