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Most interesting ways to catch the bus.

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    Bradley Black Hole
    I'm thinking about going to the end of one of the eleven docks in miami that's designed for fishing in deep water hundreds of feet out, filling my backpack and pockets of cargo pants with stones, and a backpack on my front full of stones andnd jumping into the ocean and trying to swim as far as I can alway from the pylons at high tide is receeding and be carried out to the bottom of the sea and become a water spirit (basically a landspirit but more wetter) .

    Quetion how do I se ure the bags to my body or weights to my body to ensure that when I do get to the bototm i'm not so heavy i don't move with the current like an anchor but heavy enough that when the gasses and shit expand my body doesn't end up floatingup and be recovered. I don't want to be cremated or embalmed, I want to bea corpse at the bottom of the ocean and hopefully get eaten by an octopus (my favorite sea creature, i wouldn't mind BEING an octopus either, just saying.)

    I have lived a hard life and am now suffering from blindness that is uncurabele related to thiamine deficiencies that occured while i was drinking.

    I started my anti depressants and stopped drinking 13 days ago, went to the hospital and detoxed, and ya so i got optic nerve nueropathy and it's hard for me to read, i can't drink, i can't really use my phone good and it's hard to keep up in school i was like fuck it, i got something for these bitches. I'm 30 , i've had enough people die that i'm less cared than i used to be of it, and i'm pretty sure you just reincarnated into the same dumbass family tree you fell out of. Or you become a landspirit, or shit maybe i'll be in Hell. . I really wanted to kill myself when it first happened but anyway, so when I get super stoned i kidna feel better i can still see everything and shit, just got noa bility to read anything that's not bold print and in my peripheralscuz I got a blindspot over my retina.

    So I'm probably gonan kill myself with the rocks in the packbaackpackssacks n shit,

    ey i thought about how funny would it be when i charter a 1200$ 12 hour fishing trip, go all tweaked out and fish like a motherfucker and when we're at 400feet, just put my two backpacks on, give each one of them a 100$ tip and say that was really fun guys, put the backpacks on and jump over the side of their boat and start swimming as deep as I can with weights and when i can't swim any deper holding my breath for all it was worth, I just take the biggest breath of fresh ocean water.

    I think you got like 20 seconds until unconsciousness but the pressure will probably render me too confused to do much of anything after 120 feet (how far I would sink i think) and the fisherman be like wtf when we're at 450 feet of water cuz i told them i wanna try going as deep as we can!~!~!~~!~!~

    So anyway, i might not do it cuz i do have some grudges in wisconsin i wanna settle and i suppose i could do the same shit and just do it in lake michigan but i don't wanna live in that nasty ass green ecoli nasty ass polluted waterway i grew up next to. I liek ke being warm, i might do a bunch of ghb while i do it and climb something tall and just try to land 45 stories into someone when I do the worlds most epic weighted cannonball onto a sidwawalk when it's really busy or do a dive like a missile butt ass naked haha

    pls don't tell on me i'm not intending to do this in anyway

    so yeah bye.

    Before I leave I want to say two things, my

    1- Paul Wozny is not actually totse2k1/quickmixready I made 100% of that up because he does look exactly liek that fat pedophile i knew in wisconsin state prison. Fat ugly skizo fuck. I have loved picking on him more than most. The other being KipoHippo/§m£ÂgØL/Juan as the migos call him.

    2-For over 12 years this community has been a shithole and I appreciate all the people I bothered on this website and hollar to everyone who likes me, i like u too.
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    Fox Space Nigga
    Who fuckin cares just jump off a tall building or buy a gun and blow your head off.
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    Bradley Black Hole
    i'm kinda afraid of ehhgiths tho
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    Fox Space Nigga
    So what?? You’ll be dead anyway you dumb fuck. You’ll only feel fear for like a half a second then it’s over
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    Bradley Black Hole
    I've shot people and do not like the i wouldn't twant that for me really messy an dumbfuck u forgot about the part where i don't wanna be cremated ore embalmed , the fuck u think they do to you when they an recover a ody?

    if u splat tho ur pretty mush along with whatever u hi.

    i just thought the rock thing was cool to be honest wihen i was sad and fishing like couple years ago and the ocean seems like a dopeass spot to do it at where u can be just lieka water spirit slithering around, instead of another dumb nigga with his head blown off like viper.
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    Bradley Black Hole
    Originally posted by Fox So what?? You’ll be dead anyway you dumb fuck. You’ll only feel fear for like a half a second then it’s over

    ya that's why the building thing is in the maybe pile.
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    Fox Space Nigga
    Yeah I didn’t read the thread. What happens to your body after you die is the most irrelevant shit I’ve ever heard of.
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    totse2118 Space Nigga (banned)

    Originally posted by Fox Yeah I didn’t read the thread.


    l-l-l-l-l-lay off the meth LOSER

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    Bradley Black Hole
    that or i thought about m aking it like a great mystery of where i'm at, like if i somehow got really deep in a hole and then made 10,000 cubic feet of dirt fall on me filling it back in, but i dunt know how to do dat plus i'm really actually like hard to see like i can't read directions on packaging or
    like writing that i do with a pen, i have to do it with a sharpie big as fuck to see it..
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    Bradley Black Hole
    Originally posted by Fox Yeah I didn’t read the thread. What happens to your body after you die is the most irrelevant shit I’ve ever heard of.

    well i basically took a bunch of little details from like 3-5 different religions the japanese shinto thing, odinism, christian nation culture, and basically some other like neo pagan ideas and kidna took like half my ideas from there, and then just blurred a byunch of shit together i probably made up and told myself was true so many times i believed it, so ya maybe u will end up when u die as a extra small condom maybe ill be a giant octopus that eats ships and sharks and lives in coral and shit
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    Bradley Black Hole
    or maybe i'll do a flip into water from a really high bridge , but if i'mam do a flip i need to see someone with a camera yelling "WORLD STAR" when i do it.
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    Fox Space Nigga
    Nothing happens when you die. Remember before you were born, it’s like that just more of that
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    Bradley Black Hole
    the tl;dr can be summed up as

    i'mma killa myself in the coolest way possible if my eyesight doesn't improve
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    Bradley Black Hole
    my friend sdaid he'll learn braille too so we can still talk LOL and i'm like dude ur so fuckin dumb haha

    mufucka thinks blind people speak in braille gang gang
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    Whatever happened to just standing at the bus stop?
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    Fox Space Nigga
    What is there to even see in this hellscape that we live in? You might as well be blind then at least you won’t witness the horrors all around you
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    totse2118 Space Nigga (banned)
    lay on or off the meth
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    Kingoffrogs African Astronaut
    Use rope to fasten the backpack to your body as well as tightening the straps.
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    totse2118 Space Nigga (banned)
    OP spent months calling me a piece of shit tweaker that will soon be dead. Pretty funny how the tables have turned. That's why I never let these losers like bradley, haxxor, kafka and paul wozny talk shit to me because I know IRL they are all actually huge loser no life faggots obsessed with cool anarchist sheep like me

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    jerryb African Astronaut
    Hate to see ya go Bradley, iffin you're serious at least go on a big stealing spree to hook you're mom up with some good stuff.
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