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Halloween and what I want to dress up as. (Welcoming polite esuggestions)

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    Bradley Florida Man
    I'm trying to get a costume together and I Think I might have to make my mom mail me the ketchup bottle outfit I used last year or I gotta go to the nice part of town and steal one. I am considering doing a co-costume, however my first pick was this big black guy who used to live next to me till he gave the police a fake ID, we were gonna go as Paul Wall (With a mouf like a crystal ball, me, white, chubby southern rapper everybody likes) and he was gonna be Project Pat (He looks like project pat)

    now he's getting charged with a felony and deported because he didn't have an ID and gave a fake drivers license and they finger printed them through the car window and now he's gotta do a lil time and then go back to the bahamas

    n i aint gonna put tinfoil on my teenth and a big ass fake gold chain, with a 6XL t shirt and walk around by myself on halloween that aint fuckin fun, if u don't havef project pat or juicy J or an eminem look alike u look like a fucking retard

    so last year I went as a naked bottle of ketchup, the bottle was only 4 feet long and obviously 1 foot is the nipple, and it was basically this big tube that went down to my cock (a little more but not really) so I went but ass naked in this ketchup bottle outfit and when people would piont down I be like "I can't see shit " (cuz it's a tube lol) and I wore blue shoes with it which hella clashed. I think I have photos somewhere I can find

    so now i dk what i wanna be

    I thought about buying a pickle suit or an eggplant suit so I'm a giant walking eggplant, I also considered going as MR Peanut.

    I also considered going as the following (that utilize my roommate) a guy with a whip following a black guy (my roommate wasn't going for it) A cowboy riding a chocolate horse (still not interested), He suggested batman and robin I said that's retarded, we have a dog too, I thought aobut going as huckleberry fin and the black guy with the dog, also I thought about making myself into Fidel Castro and him my secretary of the posterier (that's in the maybe pile)

    He could also go as a southern farmer and I jsut dress in all white and find something that looks like a pink udder and some black facepaint and a sharpie and we got as a Slave farmer and a Milkin cow that walks upright.


    Also of consideration:
    Mr Peanut
    Slave Driver and Slave
    A giant pickle
    My old ketchup bottle costume I wear with no pants (Pants will not be worn no matter what i promise)
    A Cow with a Slave Farmer
    Paul Wall & His black friend (impossible because AJ got deported) Juicy J
    Huckle Berry Fin and that black guy on the river (I don't like that idea so much tho)

    Please discuss. Also open to other suggestions I just like halloween and will wear the same costume for like a week on and off throughout the day before Halloween and go get shitty drunk in a bar with no pants on asking people if they wanna squirt (I was a ketchup bottle last year)

    i got laid last time so i'm pretty sure you know like im not gonna do anything different
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    Bradley Florida Man
    Please no need to comment suggestions like you should go as a "Faggot" or a "Cock" or "Yourself."

    That's not needed in this discussion but I'm sure someone will immediatley call me a cock loving faggot and say that's good enough.

    I'm also thinking about going as a hot dog with the bun, or a taco, or a mexican (poncho and sumbraro with giant black curled mustache holding a miracca) and tell people I"m going as the guy on the hot sauce bottle and produce a hot sauce bottle of a guy holding two miraccas in a poncho with a sumbraro on and saying "I LOVE THIS SHIT" and taking a sip and walking away.

    my roommate said that's insensitive I said there's no mexicans here you dumb fuck this is miami the mexicans stay by that fatass river now come farther fucking south to be near a bunch of cubans, get real, how do I know this and you don't?

    Also a palm tree costume with a big green leafy hat would be kinda cool and I can tell people I got that coconut wood at the bar/parties/college and laugh and if they smile I probably fuck them too
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    Bradley Florida Man
    Martin Luther King and the guy who shot him? That'd be kinda interesting in my 99% non white community. Especially if my roommate (old cuban guy) was wearing a klan hood holding a pretend rifle and I was wearing black face and a shirt that said Black Lives Matter.

    I often have negative responses when I'm grabbing my dick through the ketchup bottle or dressing up as hitler (6 or 7 years I went as Hitler as a child, also I liked being in the skeleton skin suit so it looked like ur were a skeleton and glowed in the dark, skeleton and hitler are my favs, or when I get make up and use it not anywhere near halloween and my mom thinks I'm bleeding out of my ear, side of the mouth, and nose on one side while i yell help, not only MY MOM but anyones mom lol shits so fucking funny when people think you're dying and it's a day before christmas but u just found the fake blood in the make up pack an hour ago)

    i'm also thinking about doing like a traditional toga (Because it's fucking free, it's 1 white sheet, the first rope I can find (or a belt) and some random ass branches from the the first tree i find outside my houses, wear sandals and carry a bottle of wine.

    That's the free costume

    I normally just steal the shit, like the misscan, I got 30 items of food and this and that and i paid for all except 1, my fucking bad dude (it's the most expsneive item) and that you gotta go to the nicer areas, here they put cigarettes in bullet proof cubes and shit. But I can get there in like 8 minutes of walking and 1 trolley ride pretty quick, i think imma do that shit tomorrow

    get me some good ass suit

    Im not going as the grim reaper or liek freddy krueger a lot of people around here and people i meet are nervous about me as it is, but I think being Mr. Peanut or like i said slave driver before lol, or a pickle, or even a naked bottle of ketchup would be kinda fun.

    I'm not doing a two man team with my roommate unless it's something really fucking funny, he can go as himself or put a sheet on himself and poke two holes in it and be a ghost or something

    but like nigga if i wanna be luigi, i don't need mario around bro i'm trying to get it in with a lady dressed up like a piece of spinach or idk a nurse or some shit
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    Bradley Florida Man
    Folks unless we have an offer I couldn't refuse I think as the one white guy int his community I am going to do Halloween as

    "Caesar, Emperando Romano" and it's gonna be me, a big ass bottle of wine, a leaf tree (Idk if we got fig trees around here ut the people here are dumber than fuck so it really doesn't matter as long as it's a branch) make that into a crown, and walk around butt naked wearing sandles, a white toga (bed sheet cross strapped and clipped or even stapled) a rope probably red or white, sandals i got with all these straps I used a couple times but don't like cuz there's no give on them or maybe just my ugly ass Sketchers, oh and a bottle of wine, I do own a whip (given to my roommate after a late night encounter) so the whips coming with no matter what i do i know that

    so i got a fatass 2L jug of wine, a backpack with 3 other jugs of wine, I'm carrying a whip and wearing a toga, with a laurel upon my crest, sandals imma definitely use to complete the outfit, and if i get bored i might go by a 7$ hot and read pizza from little ceasars aad cut it into 16 pieces and walk around as the drunk, roman emporerer Caesar handing out Little Casears pizza and talking shit to his random ghost (my old roommate) which is just an old man wearing a bedsheet with two holes poked in it.

    I am Roman Emporer.

    He is shadow person/black ghost/soul that follows the emporerer on halloween

    shits gonna be so fucking lit and i just made all of outfits by talking to myself adn typing my thoughts.
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    totse2118 Space Nigga [my ci light-haired pongee]
    the tride and true KKK member

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    Bradley Florida Man

    Similar but more roman and less fucking gay.

    Folks sandals + a bedsheet + a tree branch is the most budget friendly halloween costume u can make hundreds of coming up with.
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    Bradley Florida Man
    or maybe a corn cob that'd be super cool too
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    Kafka sweaty
    A pro-life protester
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    Kafka sweaty
    I'd go as little bo peep or the sugarplum fairy but I won't be alive by then.
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    Kafka sweaty
    It'd be cool if there was a holiday where everyone dressed as a fairytale character.
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    totse2118 Space Nigga [my ci light-haired pongee]
    Originally posted by Kafka I'd go as little bo peep or the sugarplum fairy but I won't be alive by then.

    you aren't alive now

    great my joke is ruined now MIGHT AS WELL KILL MYSELF

    Originally posted by Ghost actually it's a tranny and that tranny is me all along god you people need to keep up, shape up and WAKE UP

    Since everyone has their own gay little theories and are actually copying a thread I made months ago I will use this picture to keep track of all the theories of the kafkapluralverse which also involves, dh and possibly memphis rap and lanny

    where I claimed we are a fractal singularity of personalities becoming a sentient borg hivebmind all controlled by lanny who is a cruel puppet master that has connections to strange occult science akin to Aum Shinrikyo

    *looks around it turns out you were alone all along*


    Originally posted by Kafka I want people to stop lying to me because it insults my intelligence and creates drama. That’s specific though, I don’t really care about people here.

    Originally posted by β˜†$Pβ‚³C3πŸπŸŒŸπŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ»κ’°βŒβ– Ο‰β– κ’±πŸ‘πŸΏπŸͺ$H33PπŸ‘πŸŒ› ready to fucking die

    hopefl for the future

    not hopeful at all expecting the worse from everything

    dissociative identity disorder I think I might have been kafka all along the original OG troll remember fuys I claimed it as my alt around the time i started my drug binge, i think I still had my job.

    maybe it was just part of my mind that had to kill itself

    posts from last year and febuary this year

    I was a simp btw yeah claimining an obvious alt is mine when it probably is mine… for an obvious fictional entity,, not a real person BTW

    if i killed myself at christmas it wouldn't make any sense but now all my alts are dead and i'm still alive…. and still have many alts.. and shouldn't be a suicical retard with a fucked life ruined from my abuse of drugs. I need food and multiple miracles . or death. not death. tying to be positive

    This year halloween fell on a weekend
    Me and geto boyz are trick-or-treating
    Robbing little kids for bags
    Till an old man got behind our ass
    So we speeded up the pace
    Took a look back and he was right before our face
    He'd be in for a squab' no doubt
    So I swung and hit the nigga in his mouth
    He was going down, we figured
    But this was no ordinary nigga
    He stood about six or seven feet
    Now, that's the nigga I'd been seeing in my sleep
    So we triple-teamed on him
    Dropping them motherfuckin b's on him
    The more I swung the more blood flew
    Then he disappeared and my boys disappeared, too
    Then I felt just like a fiend
    It wasn't even close to halloween
    It was dark as fuck on the streets
    My hands were all bloody from punching on the concrete
    God damn, homie
    My mind is playing tricks on me
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    totse2118 Space Nigga [my ci light-haired pongee]
    Originally posted by Kafka It'd be cool if there was a holiday where everyone dressed as a fairytale character.

    I dress as Santa for an entire month once a year, except he's real
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    jerryb African Astronaut
    When I was in the navy early 80s me and another guy went to a party dressed as Arabs. Pretty cheap, bed sheet, towel around the head and color your face brown. Got a lot of finger pointing driving thru San Diego dressed that way, everybody probably calling us racist because in CA everything racist.
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    Fonaplats victim of incest [daylong jump-start that nome]
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    Fucking gay...what are you, 12?
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    totse2118 Space Nigga [my ci light-haired pongee]
    Originally posted by Fonaplats

    Originally posted by Jiggaboo_Johnson Fucking gay…what are you, 12?

    ono u
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    Kafka sweaty
    Reminds me I got invited to my cousins Halloween party. I need to rethink my costume now.
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    Kafka sweaty
    I have this costume but dunno if I want to wear it again. This is important because I could meet my future husband there.
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    Haxxor Space Nigga
    Originally posted by Kafka I'd go as little bo peep or the sugarplum fairy but I won't be alive by then.


    Promises Promises
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    totse2118 Space Nigga [my ci light-haired pongee]
    thuis is how i aimgine kafka looks like irl fuys #lilsportyshomelife
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