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An Interesting Topical Discussion regarding pressure systems in small applications.

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    Bradley Florida Man
    I am trying to learn theoretical physics and was told that this is a good example of it in use, and understanding it can give us a better understanding of the explosive charges used, and how demonstrates greater physical laws. I said so like an explosive bomb? They said yeah that's the easiest way to understand it (as opposed to like air pipes, that thing with all the rich people at the titanic, etc) because of how clear the understanding is.

    Can you explain to me how pressure functions to make an explosive more destructive? The pressure builds and mounts. Without the pressure a small charge (like a bullet) won't really have much affect and if it do the affect will be random at best.

    I understand those two terrorists at the Boston Bombing used something as simple as a pressure cooker, an (IDK If he has been or not I just read the newspaper everyday) undisclosed explosive (Most likely, I assumed it would be some form of highly combustive, high oxygen, rapidly combusting powder, but it's not liek they're gonna say HEY OTHER PIECES OF SHIT JUST GOOGLE THIS so you only can speculate in safety of the public/stopping future things liek this.

    So they used a pressure cooker, which is one of the reasons I asked my physics friend (He's a physics major) to help explain this.

    I understand the pressure build and when released it's much stronger but for 1 moment, the opposite be the equivalent of lighting gun powder on fire and watching it flare up and go out. The power requires like so anyway, that was one example

    So with air pressure in air piping the same thing occurs. A negative occurance is the blockage and it holds it really really tight (I guess?) and when the pressure builds up. That's harder to explain my friend said

    What he said was another good example is water flowing through water pipes without restriction or i don't really remember the term, basically like a clog in the pipe but the back end is still sending more water, typically occurs with wells or in older houses, and when that clog hits it and it thinks to keep flowing it puts too much pressure.

    All 3 of these examples result in a great great increase in pressure, and i guess to bring my too much talkin ass to an end

    What causes the build up of pressure to be more destructive when it releases, on a scientific level? What if the structure containing it is minimally, does the size of the fuck up like air blowing out of a gasket or water pipe bursting or like bomb going off, really dramatically increase by containing it in a small pipe, airline, uh idk what the modern bombs are made of

    I never really understood this concept and wish it to be discussed by people that know something.

    How do dat shit work,

    Respectfully, I appreciate it.
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    Originally posted by Bradley I am trying to learn theoretical physics

    You should probably study "adulting" first.
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