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Vietnamese Booby Traps I have Loved and Known.

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    Bradley Black Hole
    Oh my god, I could do a fucking 2 hour presentation on this shit and it's current applications.

    Bro it's so fucking fun learning this and in no way leading by example.

    Got a bunch of shit I"ll toss out there as it relates to ONLY hunting and fishing legally by use of traps

    I think it might be illegal to fish with a trap

    but dat aint stoppin ya boy breadlib i get one of these goofy ass little palm tree fern looking bullshits (They grow next to the water) I rig that bitch in a swivel Y set up and when my fishing rod gets hit the TREE CATCHES IT FOR ME and i run up to my friend (The tree I killed ten minutes ago to make this set up) and never think about him again (He lost his kinetic energy trap abilities int he one good throw) and I reel in some really fatass fish, strap ur pole to a Y set up, I like making a pimple log (That's a log with a big wart) if u aint got that just when u skin ur twig (if they're wider than a finger you're a moron and should stop using traps) and just tension that bitch up the same as you would good shit (like metal or things they can prove you brought)

    fucking the vietnamese people did this shit, r u fucking as dumb as a vietnamese person? (Directed towards White people only, I understand other cultures and stuff too but get real nigga who runs this earth since Rome to now?)

    alright back on subject,

    I actually don't use the Y stick favoring a more complex method of TRAPPIN LIKE MY DADDY (I learned this all from one man who is currently serving 3 years for reckless homicide after he shot someone in the back of the head twice on accident That man taught me about half of what I know about bein a real street nigga, also the Skinhead shotcaller in an upper wisconsin prison when I was 19 and we were both Odinists and I love him with my whole heart, my father)

    so what ur gonna do is just do what I do if you wanna make a really fucking strong kill switch. This is typically illegally used for hunting in upper wisconsin but I have modified it to be legally a "pole holder" aka Scron except it rips the hook at about 40lb of strength and sometimes I put a bell on it. Florida wild with their hunting and game laws.

    So in wisconsin as a poacher I would take the nearest fishing pole and tell my dad to weld LOL nails to it, not little nails fat ass long skinny ones, hundreds of them, he said they wouldn't work. THen this guy named Kody I know walked into the first one we tried setting up LOL and so he's all fucking damaged and asking us who booby trapped our property and my dad asked me if I knew and I said yeah nigga why you coming to my house near the backdoor? You know I got apples back there and shit boy.

    LOL 8 fucking nail wounds, if there's an interest I'll upload a picture of his goofy ass

    Bro it's so easy, grab some rebar, cut it at a 45 degree angle, sharpen it on concrete and put it int he footpath of anything that walks, you can catch shit so easy (cuz it's stuck tot he rebar and dead, just check it once a day LOL)

    so back to the other stick bullshit, I love this, go find hardwood, not like apple but like Hickory (or whatever u can use a pencil if u need to, idgaf) U can 3 sticks all 4 inches, ur gonna cut a G looking pattern into two of them and a B looking pattern into the third on both sides (the first two you just need to do the tops and make a tip and make that tip fucking sharp you dumb motherfucker)

    Pop in the double G stick to a string, make that the release and what you've done if you string it from one tree to the next is a beautiful trip wire with about 3-5lb of leverage (about the same as it takes to walk on a path in teh woods)

    Also and I will post more about this hypothetical idea i read about later dude tons of stuff, I encourage others to share their fictional ideas about historical booby traps in this thread.

    God bless everyone except my enemies.
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    Bradley Black Hole
    o ya i find a random ass tree (I don't but I was taught how to) and pour idk like twenty apples under it, do the wooden set up as described, ur gonna loose the trip wire (White tailed deer, coyote, and small wolves will get in it) and just strap it to any tree that isn't an apple tree via the same system described with wooden steaks but this time ur gonna wanna use a metal wire as the leader, i've seen pretty much everything work including electrical cords. When it trips it, the noose snaps up and it will be the bloodiest looking thing you've ever seen

    Tenderloins are destroyted but you still get a whole ass deer when you gotta eat.
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    Bradley Black Hole
    also i wanna eat a turtle again it's been like 4 years
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    Bradley Black Hole
    I think about eating iguana but today I'm going to have beans and kielbasa

    Please include stories about how you poach, set up booby traps, I have an interest in hearing about trapping wild game and stuff like that, please don't tell on me riptotse. and everybody have a good night.
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    Speedy Parker Black Hole [my absentmindedly lachrymatory gazania]
    Four posts.
    Zero usable information.

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    jerryb African Astronaut
    When I was a kid my stepdad made fish traps out of chicken wire. Basically an inverted cone they swim in and can't find the way out. Make two and hook together so you can split it to get the fish out. Dry dog food makes a good bait, put some in like an old piece of pantyhose and tie inside.
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