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Preferred stance (Arm Fundamentals)

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    Bradley Black Hole
    I have been taught to shoot like a white trash tweaker all the way up until they started strapping them body cameras on police officers.

    Holy shit, did that change my life. Bro I'm so good at literally pulling the shit up in less than a second, taking a two hand stance and bumping the ground with my knee as the 3 rounds go off. It' sretarded they literally taught criminals (who just wanted to drink beer and smoke weed and watch police kill people on HD body cameras) everything we could possibly know and im like that's some slick ass shit bro, they teach you how to use doors, how to do the duck and weave pattern, how to do the math in your head (also known as counting) to remember shot counts, you can literally get good at doing this al at once.

    all of my friends fire pistols with one hand, I'm like these men are retarded, I explain to them there's this police stance (I later downloaded pdfs and am entirely self taught) where u get a cartoon the smartest police in america put together to be the proper way to handle situations. FOrgot they don't read anything other than text messages lol

    Bro I stand and deliver like God was holding it himself, I also get a boner when I do it, that's why I don't date convicted felons, dumbfucks, blacks, jedis, other related parasites.

    nah mean nigga?
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    Bradley Black Hole
    u got some dumb nigga with a drum mag and a switchy on the glock, he gets a lil twitchy, if the first shot don't hit you, just pretend he's not shooting at all, they are all going above you after the first one haha
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    Bradley Black Hole
    these boys aim at the upper chest/face when firing full automatic weapons one handed, i'm like you stupid fucks, if you aimed at the dirt infront of them/shoes you'd have caught them with something at least.
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    Bradley Black Hole
    i also hate automatic handguns, if that wasn't clear and have an extremely negative opinion about such arms.
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