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Went fishing for the first time in several months.

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    Bradley Black Hole
    I got four of these little striped bass or some gay shit, they were smaller than I will accept harvesting.

    The fifth fish I caught was a nasty ass puffer fish that when you pull it out of the water, it started like sucking air and doubled in size. I don't take pics of every fish because it's kinda like drowning a man holding them above water, while I rip a piece of metal out of their face and wait for my phone to load the camera.

    I got pics of the first one and then I got a pic of the puffer fish, when he was half puffed up, and then he started aspirating like a weird reverse innertube but sucking in and getting bigger and i was kinda scared.

    I caught them all on baby octopus I cut into 1 tentacle long sections, and I also used two large shrimps that I cut into thirds. The shrimp caught most of the fish but the octopus lasted a lot longer.

    I went from 6am (sunrise 645) to about 8, high tide was at 8 but i ran out of bait

    i don't have much nice shit, just 1 fishing pole i stole from walmart & whatever food i got on hand, I need need need to get barrel lead weights, the ones shaped like a footbal, i don't plan on catching sharks and humungous fish like i'm on a youtube serieies or had a charter boat.

    i just like when they bigger than my hand or when they do cool shit like turn into a spongebob. I think it's super healthy for me to walk the 2 miles and stand there on a bank and I got a ton of nibbles, i think that hot water bullshit that the world's dying from is actually gonna help fishing especially in the tropics. The coral might be bleached and dead and the worlds' full of plastic everywhere you look and you're gonna cough more and be hotter.

    But that fishing slot sunrise shit is pretty good in the canal (for me)

    & I think the utilization of different shit (i'mma stick with Grande Shrimpies salted and octopi tentacles) , mostly because I don't have a car and and I don't have the desire to carry live bait, and I kinda suck ass with a cast net still and half the time there aint shit to cast onto.

    but yeah i think they're called barrel weights, get them, i want stronger/more line, my hooks are perfect of course, this one rod will work but I would really like to get another one just so I can have two in the water at anyone time, alternating baits

    i'm also thinking of utilizing yo yo fishing style to collect bait 1 at a time, or 3 at a time, they're most commonly known as sabiki rigs however i make them myself witha little piece of yellow yarn, a couple pieces of red thread, and a tiny hook, in a tri-link design with a tiny weight at the end to collect tiny minnows and little bait fish, normally you use like a 8lbmonofilament or even lighter

    Oh and I need the barrel swivels because of the fact in the currents this shit spins a lot, i should probably get the triangular weights but they expensive so unless I can steal themmma use the barrel swivels which are also expensive but physically smaller and i don't feel so bad when i go through 4 of them instead of the 4 pack that's like 10 bucks of the sinkers like triangles u need to handle tidal movement

    so yeah i caught a bunch of fish and really enjoyed myself in the early morning and my two mile walk, I think hitting them right around sunrise and sunset half hour before sunrise & half hour after sunrise also the hour when the sunsets and the little time after is the best way to fish (for me)

    I don't have a net, but I am thinking about constructing this big ass spear kinda like what u'd expect aquaman to fuck u up with & that's all folks!!!

    oh here's my fishies.

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    Bradley Black Hole

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    i got something you can catch

    these hands
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    Bradley Black Hole
    Saltwater PENN reel, 10 foot rod, like it's 250$ set up, I paid 60 from my homeboy I'm so fucking happy.

    Literally it's 4 ties heavier than the other rod I have lol (15$ walmart)

    I aint the plug but this young nigga plugged in

    I always knew I would be a criminal that's why I paid attention in spanish class
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    How often do you change the line on your reel?
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    Gone bom bom bom
    Left a sign up on the door...
    gone bom bom bom
    mmm you ain't workin anymore...
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