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    A Tuskegee Airman [my neurobiological trilled kampala]
    Because i'm not doing it for art and design, I have been visioneioen nioziomzmioaunanhak akk ahkmah akhmah to draw triangles all over young girls, old women, men , dogs, horses, cats, boats, planes, the sky, walls, windows . All will be graffiti'd with Triangles of many colors like my rainbow 75x75 px avatars

    I am opening my Henna studio. First victim will be my girlfriend who graduates from having WHORE written on her head like the whore of babylon to now becoming a triangular qt23.14 with triangles all over her body, onlyfans coming soon for that

    just imagine, every woman will want triangles all over them. I already anticipate a lineup of indian girls outside my apart awaiting my blessed triangles and the demand will be so great I have to raise prices and only do a few people per day as my work becomes famed thoughout tjhe land causing a global popualarity boom OF THE ANCIENT ART ORIGINS IN EGYPT OF HENNA

    come thru if you want some triangles my current price is $5

    we are going to upgrade henna with radioactive psychoactive LSD green screen chrome key paints to make people invisible to cameras and be able to connect themselves into the meshnet fidomesah and travel as particles of light through cypher space. Welcome to the future.

    Henna in the Indus Valley Civilisation
    The well-known sculpture of a dancing girl with ramp walk pose found at Mohenjo-daro (Indus Valley Civilisation) symbolizes the concept of female empowerment. The girl, with her one hand on waist, is shown in a pose of self-assurance and determination. This shows how women were confident, determined and independent from that era only. ‘Mina’ means a confident & determined woman in the Indian language. Historically, henna was most popular in the Indus Valley Civilisation, also known as the Bronze Age Civilisation, which flourished between 3300 BC and 1300 BC. The beauty of this ancient civilisation’s culture can be seen in its artworks, but what makes it even more fascinating is the use of henna as a colouring ingredient. Henna was used to create intricate patterns on the skin, walls and pottery, usually for decoration purposes during this period.

    Henna in Ancient Egypt
    Henna’s history dates back to ancient Egypt and the pharaohs as well. Henna tattoos have been a longstanding practice in the Middle East. The use of henna has been traced as far back as 9000 BC and 5000 BC, when the Egyptians and Sumerians used it in their religious ceremonies and art. Henna tattoos were also popular during the reign of Cleopatra, the last ruling queen of Egypt. Cleopatra was a renowned pharaoh who ruled from 51 BC to 30 BC and was known for her beauty and magnetism. Her beauty, intelligence and charm were unsurpassable. She used henna tattoos to adorn her body and eyebrows with intricate designs.


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    Use fecal matter instead...try to be different.
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    A Tuskegee Airman [my neurobiological trilled kampala]
    Originally posted by Jiggaboo_Johnson Use fecal matter instead…try to be different.

    sounds gay, what about LSD
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    Originally posted by A sounds gay, what about LSD

    Old news...that was the 60s...again try to be a shepherd rather than a sheep...lead!
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    A Tuskegee Airman [my neurobiological trilled kampala]
    I will by drawing henna in LSD

    nobody has ever done that
    in fact the art of how to make it illegally has been lost to history (but I still remember how)

    also Idk anything about the 60s, i wasn't alive and that culture is only relevant to me through history of drugs but that was a different generation, they got it legally, different time. I live in a totally different universe where drugs are illegal and LSD isn't the most common drug, usually people do analogs these days like LSZ or something

    Honestly, I had no idea that such massive doses of LSD had been used. I came across a thread describing a "thumbprint" of LSD, a dose based on sticking one's thumb into pure LSD powder and licking it off, an amount equivalent to hundreds of doses, several milligrams of pure LSD (old school doses were typically 100 micrograms, sometimes only 20-50 mcg these days). Several people on the thread had supposedly taken this dose, typically described as an initiation of trust into the family of folks who lovingly supply LSD to the clan of deadheads, rainbow gatherings, etc.

    [EDIT - just to be on the safe side, please understand that I'm not recommending this to anyone. Just sharing interesting info from the thread linked above. Personally, I'm a fan of small safe, reasonable doses. Also, although I can't point to any super hard data, for whatever reason it seems that reports of long term problems seem to come more from LSD users, possibly DMT users, but not so much, if any, from mushroom (psilocybin) users]

    What follows is a substantial amount of selected quotes from several people, mainly two individuals. [note that 1 mg = 1000 mcg]:

    What's it like? - It's not possible to describe what it's like. Except maybe DEATH.

    What did you see? - ALL

    What did you do? - My body did nothing, but lay down. I was no more, just ALL

    Eating LSD crystal is intense, magical, crazy and the ULTIMATE ACT OF SUBMISSION TO THE PSYCHEDELIC STATE

    You feel it almost instantly. LSD crystal has an energy to it. Having a jar of it in my pocket is enough to alter my consciousness. As soon as it touches your skin or goes in your mouth you can feel it. A lot of folks will throw up within minutes. This is an exorcism of sorts. Like all the negative energy being cast out of your body. Then you lay down and learn. As for the experience I just couldn't do it justice to describe it. You're never the same again. A thumbprint doesn't open the door of perception it blows it off the hinges. You melt into eternity. You let go and die into the moment which is all. There is no you anymore only all. The intensity of this can't be described, but you realize as you're slipping away that it's familiar. This is because it becomes quite clear this is exactly what happens when you die. After an eternity you slowly start to come back in pieces. You feel reborn and a completely different person. You don't ever come completely down or back. This isn't a bad thing, but it's very scary at first.

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    A Tuskegee Airman [my neurobiological trilled kampala]
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    totse2118 Space Nigga (banned)
    i need to do henna FUCK
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