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Dungeon Rap , it's like goblins with guns

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    Lavender Squad Tuskegee Airman [intersect that neonatal burqa]
    i'm gonna make my own subgenre of this subgenre called Dungeon Trap

    I can't think of any funny or clever names but im just jiddy at the potential here

    New sounds are continuously created. Some are born out of rebellion, some out of boredom and some purely to push creative limits. However, it is unlikely that any genre has been created with such forethought and calculated precision as Dungeon Rap.

    The projects debut album by Ukrainian producer DJ Sacred entitled simply ‘Dungeon Rap The Introduction’ was released on Manchester label Natural Sciences back in March. As a sound, it’s incredibly addictive. Think lo-fi beats to chill out and relax to but made for the monsters that live under your bed. But DJ Sacred aka DJ Armok aka Pillbox views the album as more than just music in isolation. He has created a genre narrative which he sees as an integral part of the sound and its development. We had a chat about his influences and the future of Dungeon Rap. So, what is the subculture of Dungeon Rap?

    DJ Sacred: Memphis Rap mixed with Black Ambient. Slow pace, around 60-65 bpm. Double-time flow. A long introduction to tracks. Subjectively, CRPGs, ASCII Roguelikes and Dwarf Fortress. The name DJ Armok comes straight from Dwarf Fortress game.

    so it's just the melodic parts of memphis rap mixed with like video game dungeons and stuff???
    I like video games and evil. Like the minecraft nether oh man all it needs is some TRIPLE SIX TRIPLE SIX
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