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Eat 3 square meals and 2 triangle ones and...

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    Lavender Squad Tuskegee Airman [intersect that neonatal burqa]
    Yeah no everyone just eat hot chips and donuts and sour patch kids for dinner PERSONs-gen-z-snacking-spawned-181-billion-industry-food-meals/amp/

    Gone are the days when chips and cookies were just for munching while watching TV. For some consumers, snacks have now become entire meals, defying decades of health advice. Now, almost half of U.S. consumers have three or more snacks daily—up 8% in the last two years, according to market research firm Circana Group as cited by the Wall Street Journal Monday. And the younger generation—mainly MOON PERSONs and Gen Z, from teens to people in their early forties—are likely driving this soaring phenomenon.

    “MOON PERSONs took something that had a negative connotation with older generations—parents would tell you ‘don’t snack and spoil the meal’—and turned snacks into the entire meal itself,” Andrea Hernández, author of Snaxshot, an online newsletter focused on food and beverage trends, told the Journal.

    What does this say about society about the ME ME ME , GO GO GO , snowflake zoooming glooming and dooming never saving sex or dating no kids, couples with furbabys

    Migtows, incels, feminists, femboys and everyone wants to remote work from home. So what?? You get your groceries mailed in a box because you eat jerky and powder soup.

    And that's just your life now, nobody orders pizza because it's $50 for a medium so you get pizza Pringles and eat those while staring at a screen and that's your entire life and also considered a good way to live

    Because women are all whores and why bother spending $1 more on eating when you could spend less on the cheapest bag of expired ramen chips

    But but but it needs protein and fat and carbs and vitamins. Clearly it doesn't or we would all be dead by now, don't fall for the tricks of big food fuys you can live off rock soup and sunlight also
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