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Im in despret neeeeed brooo, do any1 hack?

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    A College Professor victim of incest [your moreover breastless limestone]
    I lost my Instagram password and I dont know the phone number and email help.☹
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    Have you tried calling ...
    Originally posted by A College Professor I dont know the phone number

    Yourself????? wait how do you do that without the number

    what number are we talking about are you saying the phone is cut off or you just used a burner to set it up and now can't access it cuz the email was also a burner

    idk man, this happens a lot to me and when it does I don't even try fixing it or making a new account, I just move on, I don't use reddit or kiwifarms for the same reason and I stopped making bulk alts when lanny fixed his code

    making alts isn't fun anymore and I rarely do it. They are like Bitcoins now, only a certain amount can exist
    creating alts doesn't work, you need to mine alts now with a chance it doesn't get banned or bug out

    proof of work is replacing all aspect of technology because being able to "Counterfeit" "Money" (accounts on a website) is dangerous

    if you ever signed in through google/twitter/facebook/others sometimes it gives you token authroization on the account and ties it to it , like I use my twitter to sign into a lot of stuff because I am just sick of clicking buttons at this point and it requires no typing

    welcome to web Woke.0 www the Woke Wide Web
    Don't forget the captcha button and 2FA aka ANTI2FA

    signing in 20 times with the email and no passwords work so you go to sign up with the email and it says "email in use"
    and the password recovery never shows up, No I didn't check my SPAM FOLDER maybe a cyberdog chased the cybermailman and ate my homework because pressing the button 20 times doesn't work but using a new email to make a new account does work.

    "Are you a Bot?" *press button and crash the website crashes*
    "complete this complex task flawlessly without human error to prove you are human"
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    Originally posted by A College Professor I lost my Instagram password and I dont know the phone number and email help.☹

    You lost your password, you don't know your phone number or email...

    ...but this is your account huh

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    Originally posted by Jiggaboo_Johnson …but this is your account huh
    how many fingers son

    Introducing Retinal Scan! coming soon, Rectal Scan!

    Have you tried forwarding the verification email in your email history to support as proof, I got an account back doing that.
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    Originally posted by Bombay Trap Star how many fingers son

    3 please, any more than that stings.
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