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Poll: For you, its....


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    I like my whytes whyte so I'm gonna half to say over medium. I've literally never had soft boiled but I want to try I bet o would love it
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    mmQ Lisa Turtle
    where's the option for F(ake)eggs?
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    What about cum omelettes where's that option
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
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    What about fish eggs now that's some good eating right there
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    I voted scrambled but I also like them sunny side on top of my hash browns.
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    Over easy with a runny yolk
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    totse2118 Space Nigga [my ci light-haired pongee]
    i pick poached
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    Pickle them like grocery girl
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    Rape Monster Naturally Camouflaged
    Originally posted by I Live In Your Crawlspace Secretly4 What about cum omelettes where's that option

    I saw a porn where several dudes cum into a frying pan then they cook it up like scrambled eggs and feed it to a girl, still worse than anything I've seen on Bestgore or Liveleak
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