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Smol dicks are more feminine and aesthetic

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    Donald Trump Black Hole

    I wish all porn was smol dicks.
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    they should be bigger

    Originally posted by scuffed jim carrey sometimes girls with a PENIS need love too and if they are lucky and pray to the right demonic twisted evil Gods they might just be lucky to end up with a "normal" guy like me that isn't a total FAG like 99% of "tranny chasers" are who are just like

    BEND ME OVER AND FUCK ME IN THE ASS on the first date and the girl is like

    "😭 I just wanted someoen to pat me on the head"

    I for one am not letting latent homosexuals ruin the true artistic beauty of a girl with a GIANT PENIS okay it's artistic , it has nothing to do with the penis or anything gay

    it's deeper than that and NONE OF YOU WOULD UNDERSTAND okay you aren't cultured enough like me or lanny. Transhumanism isn't about destroying families, it's about UPGRADING.

    I love nuclear families and think every family should have a nuclear reactor to power their harem of mormon wives with dicks, don't ask where the children come from WE GROW THEM IN TUBES

    welcome to the future, sophie wasn't ready for THE FUTURE so now he's just a faceless drone working for the MICROSOFT SECURITY TEAM helping fight against hacker crackers now, okay. He doesn't want anything to do with us anymore and has a real career now, he's a big name in the industry except none of us know his name, I don't even really know as he is a true master of his art and was able to keep his shit from being leaked

    I respect him greatly, also kafka has a penis.
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    gay ass niggas
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