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Hey wariat

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    I was checking out the jobs on giant bomb

    the fuck is this????

    It links to a careers page for FANDOM. Giantbomb owns FANDOM??????

    that's funny because I use fandom almost daily and it's a horrible shitfucked dying bleeding service that needs to be taken out behind the barn and shot between the eyes. Nobody wants to work for this company lol, it sounds like shit.

    Wordpress seems like a much better entry level tech job, fuck Giant Bomb. It's cool the yare former Gamespot editors as I used to be really into that community, but this is pretty second rate. I'm a world reknown god gamer and would be embarressed lending my name to such a publication

    just saying
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    Yeah im competing with these guys I think

    But why would you want people on a forum about gaming , how do you make money from that, that sounds gay > I want money , not to moderate a forum and sell subscriptions for premium features
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