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Nickle Sacks outside the Liquor Store at 4am

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    Bradley Florida Man
    Folks, I was hanging out with the darker amigos last night (Blacks/Haitians) outside my local liquor store and everyone at one point decided they suddenly had money and wanted nickle sacks. I did not know nickle sacks were a thing anymore. So when the guy came back I got 4, I told him I wanted one of each; meth, weed, cocaine & crack, he said really not just 20 of one, I said no, i like rainbows because of the different colors. He asked me if I was a cop, I said bro I'm gonna smoke the rock infront of you when it gets here, ok? He said really? I said yeah. So he took our orders, left, and came back with 9 bags, btw, no one had more than 5$ except the one white person LOL so anyway, I didn't have my crack pipe on me, so one of my friendly negro friends said I could use his, so I handed him the bag because my hands have arthritis and they're tiny and difficult for me to open, ontop of the fact I have no fingernails because I suffer from Mania and chew them off for pleasure.

    So my 'amigo' loads up the pipe and I'm expecting him to hand it to me so I can blast off this 5 rock infront of the plug so he knows I am BRADLEYB FEARER OF POLICE & LOVER OF DRUGS AND ASSES. This nigga rips the whole 5 sack, like I watched him do it, cuz we all live on the same block proximity so I know who everyone is. The plug looked at the guy and said "This dumbass nigga smoked your rock" and I guess the look on my face was so sad (I was extremely drunks and just starring at him with one eyebrow raised trying to figure out if his bike would be worth my 5$ when I jack that shit) the plug reaches into his pocket and hands me two more rock bags, and the nigga with the pipe actually tries to hand me the pipe and say put more in it, so I said OK but when he hands it to me, i "accidentally" drop it and it shatters, I look at the plug, smile and shrug my shoulders, I Tell dude, 'I think you got too high and dropped your pipe.' my 'friend' says nah nigga u dropped my pipe, i'm like OK? and he says where's the next one coming from, I said you smoked it already, and my plug laughed at him, smiled at me, and left. I walk away this nigga wants to follow me asking about where the next pipe is coming from (cuz he's high on crack)

    I turn around and tell him "If you follow me into the dark alley, I will spin around and cut you."

    He said OK no problem, my bad, thank you, etc, I said I"ll see you tomorrow, he asked if we have problems, I said no i just don't like peopel following me.

    Folks this is what success looks and feels like, also the weed is kinda shitty, the crack is super fire, and I haven't tried the meth yet but it looks great. In wisconsin these would be FATASS dimes, here in Miami's ghetto, 5 for 20 if you make the plug smile (I do.) lol

    Living my best life yall, also my boyfriend the old gay cuban professor doesn't smoke crack. Just powder cocaine (Which I got him a lil sack i'm about to wake him up cuz it's 4pm and do half with) and for 5 motherfucking dollars you can get a good ass bag of whatever you want in a high quality. So he's gonna be happy.
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    Bradley Florida Man
    also lately I've been walking around with a book at all times so these dumb motherfuckers know who I am, I even get high outside the liquor store while i'm drinking and read it while annotating with a pen my additional notes. I tell them this is my favorite book (48 Laws of Power - Robert Green) which I am slowly SLOWLY translating into spanish by use of my phone & and online translation in pen. So they ask me what it's about so I just start reading, then I reread it spanish incase anyone has a primary language that isn't english and also wants to figure out what this crazy ass white boy is fidgeting and reading while drinking 211 outside of a liquor store with more money than anyone else in the ghetto.

    They eyes go wide, and I tell them the truth, "Next week I need a weapon because my boyfriend is legally getting his concealed carry license" They said why aint he buying it, I said "Bro I'm Kobe Bryant, we all know to just pass it and I'll shoot. I call him Steve Nash."

    Everyone nodded in good understanding of the black view of reality.
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    Bradley Florida Man
    Carrying forward, I'm banned from one of the supermarkets because I didn't pay. There was a large line and I grabbed my shit, i know how much it costs, pulled the money out (I rounded up to 10 or 20 i don't really remember) and handed the clerk the money (Skipping everyone in this huge ass line) and showing her what I Had in my hands, she sets the money down on the counter and says I need to wait, I was already touching the door and not facing her, I heard her, but fuck it, and i guess she just left this money sitting on the counter while her dumb bitch ass rang up other customers and it was stolen by someone else.

    OK? Sounds like when customers exit your store with product and don't want their change, you should put the money in the till, so I go back there and the manager stops me when I'm buying chicken livers and shit at the deli and tells me I need to leave because I didn't properly pay last time. I'm like I did pay, he told me what happened, so I just walked out of the store with my Liver.

    Also I made liver pat'e for the hispanics which they had never had before and it was delicious.
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    Bradley Florida Man
    motherfuckers wanna bitch at me about not properly paying PROPERLY? nigga I Handed her money and she saw what was in my hands and I buy more or less the same shit everytime. So I said fuck it wanna make me walk four blocks to your supermarket store and now I have to leave? OK? I guess that's your right, and I literally walked out of the store holding his merchandise and said "You shouldn't treat people like this."

    a city of 5.6 million people, I realized: "you gonna call the cops on me nigga cuz your clerk isn't smart enough to comprehend reality? You gonna call the cops on me because you got four trays of chicken liver stolen? I'm sure they're on the way right now."
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    Bradley Florida Man
    we had a shooting two complexes over (i'm in the projects) and my ass heard it and then heard the sirens, so I was like fuck it i'm a nosey ass mr rodgers you don't want to be my neighbor looking ass, threw on a button up and some slacks and head to see right.

    The victim had a firearm and refused to let go of it (they were shot twice in the belly/chest area from what I saw) but the paramedics wouldn't treat him as everyone is saying he's unconcious, he wasn't and kept the gun in his hand trying to move it around, I was like this is awesome! right lol , a bunch of people glared at me from there equally nosey neighbor position (I have the codes to get into most of the complexes after I found out it's the address number of the complex + #00, so my ass is front row seats)

    So he bled out and died, when his eyes closed, a cop ran up and kicked the gun out of his hand, like a really really good steel toed boot kick and the EMTs started trying to stablize him and after a couple minutes decided, it wasn't a priority because he was dead.

    The nigga was in shock and didn't let go of his firearm because he was half way up the stairway to heaven, but i guess because his finger was on the trigger they were too scared (I wasn't afraid of watching 40 feet away, lol, closer than they were getting, 8 cops & 2 paramedics in 4 cars and the EMT Bus.

    There was 0 attempt to find the shooter after 2 cops walked around the apartment complex and inside once. THe local residents said he was killed cuz he tried to rob some dealer that came to drop off shit and he pulled a gun, everyone that isn't related to him feels that this is for the best as he pulled this stunt multiple times in the last couple weeks.
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    lol I was out and about running errands and saw this dude in a red hoodie lurking outside like 3 different stores. I think I sussed him out because I kept running into him he prolly thought I was a cop
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    Bradley Florida Man
    well you are white and autistic, coming off as a dirty loser with no social skills, seems like the perfect cover for a police officer doing surveillance.
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    That's retarded and skitzo as hell. They don't use random people walking around they use people that have been busted who try to set up big deals. Actually someone flashy is way more suspicious that wants to HOOK IT UP MANE HOOK IT UP U WANT A POUND BRO?? I KNOW SOME MEDICANS

    Originally posted by Doyle Sauce Idk why but I assume angry drug dealers the ones that get pissed off at every little thing are actually undercover cops trying to keep people on edge so they wig out constantly like "YOU WANNA FUCKING DO THIS DEAL OR WHAT???"

    And they act like it's the end of the world if you don't do exactly what they want which could be anything since it's some retard coke head

    At that point im just like okay fuck this guy I would rather not buy drugs at all than deal with retards that are constantly upset. Just seems very police-esque to me idk why just a gut feeling I guess
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    Why at near 30 are you hanging outside a store at 4am?
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    Originally posted by Jiggaboo_Johnson Why at near 30 are you hanging outside a store at 4am?

    selling CD's I would guess
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    Originally posted by Big the Cat selling CD's I would guess

    I remember a guy on Oxford street in Manchester stopping me and having me listen to his demo I was listening to it he was bouncing his head up and down...even though he couldn't hear it because I had the headphones on.

    I engaged him in conversation and said "Yeah that's pretty good, how much" to which he replied "2 quid mate". So I bought his crappy tape from him because I was having a moment of weakness/human kindness and he looked pretty dejected. He couldn't believe it when I said give me one (tape not penis) and said I was the first one to buy one all day.

    That made me feel good about my small showing of human kindness.
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    tfw you black just trying to sell your mixtape outside the bodega and the police roll up

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