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Did anyone here play "forumwarz"

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    I didn't. Gonna watch a YT video or something cuz I know nothing about this game except random memories, I think I was either too young to care or didn't have internet. I have a vague memory thinking it was cringe?



    'Yes, Forumwarz is a satirical online role-playing game that was released in 2008. It is designed to parody internet culture and forum communities. The game's storyline revolves around a fictional internet community called Forumwarz, which is under attack by a hacker known as "The Yellow Peril." Players take on the role of a Forumwarz user and engage in various tasks, such as trolling other forums, creating fake identities, and battling other players. The game features a variety of forums with different themes, such as gaming, politics, and adult content. Players earn "brownie points" for their actions, which can be used to upgrade their character's abilities. The game was notable for its humor and irreverence, and it received generally positive reviews upon its release."

    Apparently it's still online or sum shit????

    I don't get it

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