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The first High. Seriously, if you eat just cabbage you get high.

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    Give it too children. It legal. Get super high.

    While there is no sideeffects your face will heat up and you may break out in a terrible rash.

    The rash can be stopped with a hairdryer on high. And really hot showers.

    These are toxins being evicted from your body.
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    I think Ether can cure the rash but I tried making biodiesel from oil and coloured with paprika with ethoxcide but did not get gas/ether so I stopped eating cabbage...

    The rash detox i harsh but the hair dryer will cure it.

    Anyone know how to make biodiesel?
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    I don't remember you being so schizo last time you were here
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    Doyle Sauce Tuskegee Airman
    Originally posted by aldra I don't remember you being so schizo last time you were here

    OP has been posting all over twitter and reddit losing their fucking minds spamming every drug board known to man because I guess they were asleep the past decade and missed all of this

    well guess what pal there's nothing left. If you are a fed they pay you too much and if you are scrambling for a bust, maybe try uhhh.... wait drug labs don't get busted anymore.. market is too diversified.. anyone can make anything anywhere do to technological advancements making "clandestine drug chemistry" almost totally useless and obsolete in the modern economy


    well I hope you didn't do something stupid like dedicate your LIFE SPIRIT ESSENCE to this shit because I have to find new reasons to get out of bed, the war is over bro we won the drug war. This is what victory looks like

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    Doyle Sauce Tuskegee Airman

    You don't find LSD

    LSD finds you

    Nanaste, truth in triangles
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    Doyle Sauce Tuskegee Airman
    Originally posted by The Self Taught Man OTC LSD - pull up your lawn, there exists an ENDOPHYTE STRONG type of grass seed that is coated with a fungus to aid in pest resistance, it's called Neotyphodium coenophialum infected Kentucky 31 tall fescue grass. Seed this stuff heavily and fertilize with lots of phosphorus. Mow the lawn when it gets as high as your ankle and save all the clippings. Get a 55gallon steel drum and punch some holes in the bottom with a screwdriver, put a few layers of enhancement paper on the bottom and suspend this over a trough. Blend the grass clippings into pulp, get ~100gallons of strong wax eating plant fat dissolving solvent, Xylene is $155 - 10L where I live but it's cheaper if you buy a pallet. Anyone with a business license can buy 10L drums of solvent so it's OTC.
    Fill the drum with the ground up grass clippings and solvent, let it drip out and keep running solvent through it until it no longer leaves grease stain on enhancement paper when the solvent dries, test it over time, remember you are THROWING OUT the solvent (recycle it later) and keeping the grass clippings. Once you defat you base using Chloroform and Ammonia.

    from "practical LSD manufacture"

    this can be done at a gram scale quite easily, or scaled down to fit 10lbs of grass clippings.
    Evaporate the Chloroform extract to 1/15th of what it was and add twice the volume of Ether.
    extract 4 times with water and tartaric acid, Alkaloids go in the water, shit stays in the Ether. CAUTION: Emulsions!. Have a vibrator hooked up to a veriac and crank it up to max, toss in some Everclear and it should break the emulsion. Toss out the ether keep the water
    Freebase to 8 - 8.5 with Ammonia, Toss in some Ether and pure freebase amides will go into ether. Do this 4 times. Evaporate under vacuum for residue of pure LYSERGIC ACID AMIDE. Store in freezer.

    "The extraction solvent is made up by adding one-tenth gallon
    strong ammonia (28% NH3OH; 56% NHtOH) to nine-tenths gallon
    methanol. After mixing, this is added to nine gallons of chloroform to
    give 10 gallons of extraction solvent. The use of methanol is
    necessary because without it the ammonia does not mix into the
    chloroform. Instead, it would float on top of the chloroform giving an
    unhomogenous mixture.
    The extraction is done by trickling this extraction solvent into the
    top of the bed of crop, allowing it to flow downward through the crop,
    and collecting the extract as it flows out the bottom of the pipe. This
    extract must be protected from light to prevent its destruction. The
    extraction of a 200 pound crop requires about 150 gallons of solvent.
    One can monitor the extraction by catching a little bit of the solvent
    coming out the bottom of the pipes in a watch glass, and shining a
    black light upon it in a darkened room. The lysergic amides in the
    crop fluoresce a bluish color. When this color no longer appears in the
    extract, the extraction is complete."
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    Doyle Sauce Tuskegee Airman
    Originally posted by Doyle Sauce

    wait.... Why are they starting with epsom salts that may or may not contain menthol

    bro did you have nothing better on hand to long form say the chemical name to sound cool for the camera like some sort of ghetto phosphorus aggregate???
    "Wow and you ordered all the stuff to make this off using prime shipping? and have enough material here to cleanly reduce an ounce of crank and recycle it for additional use BUT DOES THE MAGNESIUM INSIDE THIS AGGREGATE SLAG EFFECT THE MODIFIED BIRCH REDUCTION GOING ON IN A SHAKE AND BAKE REDUCTION OF EPHEDRINE???"


    Bro MAGNESIUM SULFATE is for DRYING SOLVENTS which you don't even need to do for like 90% of cooks, where tf is the red devil lye?


    it's not the victory we asked for okay but if society is too stupid to understand why i'm ordering 100kg of lawn fertilizer, that's on them.

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    mdma is a type of meth make that
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    how can you learn whats never shown?
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    Doyle Sauce Tuskegee Airman
    Originally posted by CutterLegendaryNinja mdma is a type of meth make that


    what if we reverse cooked meth into p2p and did a modified rearrangement into mdp2p


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    Originally posted by Doyle Sauce okay

    what if we reverse cooked meth into p2p and did a modified rearrangement into mdp2p


    Interesing yes. Meth is just an incomplete form of methamphetamine.

    Pure X is harmless according to The Hive Book. Total Synthesis.

    When I took it, it was laced and it still was very good. I only took half a pill though.
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