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I am live on youtube

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    Doyle Sauce Tuskegee Airman
    I'm just chillin made cofffee early cuz my GOD COOKIE is gona run out. gonna be playing minecraft and bumping some junts never streamed on YT before I might have to fuck around to see how laggy/shtity it is

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    Instigator African Astronaut
    Do a fatality.
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    Doyle Sauce Tuskegee Airman
    holy fuck that was actually EPIC GAMER an hour of pure gamer right there, totally unplanned I was just testing settings basically

    but the gamer hype carried the show even had some indians come visit me at the end
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    Alice Yung Blood
    got some espresso and weed to start the week gonna be streaming live in T minus 25 mins

    bumping some MYSTIC STYLEZ for an hour while I become the #7 ranked player globally on the biggest MMORPG server in minecraft

    plural gang gang
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    RIPtotse victim of incest [my adversative decurved garbo]
    Gong gong
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    Alice Yung Blood
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    Alice Yung Blood

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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    nice veiny bottle
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    stupid noobs leg here,

    epic gaming , thanks to everyone 4 views every 1 counts, more than double my last stream

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    gaming and junts gonna make coffee soon I got 1.5 hours left on my GOD COOKIE
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